The Culling Day 1.00000001? Patch #116793

Greeting contestants!

Our main focus here at Xav HQ has been to get The Culling polished, full of Day 1 goodness, and to F2P as soon as possible. At the same time, we also know that we need to do some housekeeping when it comes to the Day 1 Reference Server experience if we hope to be accurately inspired.

So, that’s exactly what today’s patch focuses on.

We know that there are likely others you’d like to see addressed as well, but it can be a fine line. Along with wanting to keep the server as “vanilla” as possible, we also don’t want to split our resources, slowing down our ability to bring The Culling back to action on Xbox and PC.

Still, based on your feedback, we know that these are some of the main quality of life issues you wanted addressed to deliver a more stable feedback platform. We will continue to monitor your feedback, along with player activity and behavior as we move forward.

You can find the changes to The Culling Day 1 Reference below:

  • Punji Exploit - Removed the ability to punji stack.

    • This fix has the unintentional side effect of making other usable items (stims, armor, traps, backpacks, healing items) require a "hold" rather than a "click". Though this operates similarly to the live mainline build, it's our intention to keep the Day 1 Reference as original as possible. As such, we may address this in a future patch.

  • FPS - Raised maximum frames per second threshold from 60, to 120.

  • Unlock Airdrops - Users will now be able to unlock airdrops found or called in via Surprise Me.

  • Mouse Sensitivity: Starts at a reasonable level now, between low and high values.

  • Save Folder: Now uses “TheCullingReference” folder instead of “Victory”.