To Cull a Leaderboard: PC Major Update #1033XX

Greetings contestants!

From new Match Events to new Perks, this is one of our biggest updates ever. The Culling has always been a savage competition and we can’t wait to see which one of you talented contestants rises to the very top of the leaderboard! Cull for glory.

PC Servers will be down on Wednesday July 19th at 8AM EST and maintenance is expected to continue for up to four hours.

[Note: We are currently preparing a patch for Xbox One certification and we will announce the planned schedule as soon as we have details for the Xbox One Patch.]


  • NEW! Ranked Leaderboards

    • Players earn a Match Score based on position, kills, and time alive. Your 10 best Match Scores are combined to provide a singular Season Score.

    • Depending on your Season Score, you may find yourself in one of 5 Ranks (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond).

    • The top 10 players in each Rank are displayed for all to see.

  • NEW! Cosmetics

    • 2 all-new outfits for male and female contestants, with over 150 varieties of track tops, track shorts, turtlenecks, and oxford shorts.

    • 8 new Victory Celebration animations.

    • 3 new sets of weapon skins: 11 skins each for the Pitchfork, Camp Hatchet, and Hammer.

  • NEW! Match Events

    • Blood Moon: The sky takes a crimson cast and for a brief time all contestants’ locations are revealed with a spooky red highlight. No place to run, no place to hide. In Blood Moon, nobody is safe!

    • Boom Box: A booming red subwoofer crate appears in the center of the Arena. In order to relieve this funky crate you’ll need to drop the beat with a bang. Luckily for you, a helping handful of Explosive Barrels are lowered into the area. Bombs away!

  • NEW! Perks

    • Each perk category receives a new up-side/down-side perk. Will the benefits outweigh the risks?.

    • “Tight Grip” (Utility): Your ranged weapons cannot be disarmed, but your movement speed is reduced by 5%.

    • “Tanky” (Survival): Incoming melee damage is reduced by 10%, but incoming ranged damage is increased by 10%.

    • “Jogger” (Movement): Movement speed while fists are equipped increased by 10%, but all incoming damage increased by 10% (regardless of equipped weapon).

    • “Berserker” (Combat): All damage dealt increased by 10%, but player loses the benefit of natural Cannibal (no HP restored when killing an opponent).


Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several crash bugs that resulted in poor application stability for some players

  • Sprinting costs more stamina.

    • Dev comments: We dialed stamina cost way back in the last patch and many of you felt that it trivialized the stamina system too much. This should result in a balance where stamina can still impact gameplay but managing your stamina isn’t a constant chore.

  • Added a HUD icon to indicate when the player is crouching, walking, and sprinting.

  • “Official Culling” uniform items now appear in “Default” clothing categories instead of “Special”.

  • Increased/brightened blue outline for some pickups: Steel Caltrops, Muscle Man Milk, Hammer.

  • Fixed several fatal errors affecting PC players.

  • Fixed a bug where Brass Knuckles were using a longer shove animation than they should have

  • Fixed a bug that prevented kill notification messages from properly appearing

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent player from using controller to rotate character is cosmetics screens.

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes failed to notify players about a match event occurring.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented thrown weapons from applying their wounds to armored opponents.

  • Fixed a bug where Alarm Gun crosshairs did not match iron sights and could lead to inaccurate shots.

  • In addition to the above fixes, several additional fixes from the last Xbox One patch have been brought over to the PC. Please see the “X Marks the Spot” update notes for details.