X Marks the Spot - Xbox Update #102949

Greetings contestants!

This is our first update since launching on Xbox One. Whether they be bugs or gameplay tweaks, in this update players can expect to see many key issues addressed.

Servers will be down at 2PM EST today, Thursday June 29th, and will resume in roughly 90 minutes.

We will continue to monitor data and we look forward to hearing more of your feedback through our social channels.

Thank you and see you on the island!

Changes and Fixes

  • Made input queuing behave more consistently across various situations, especially when changing weapons

  • Improved layout of Weapon Skins page

  • Man Tracker no longer displays an arrow if the nearest opponent is beyond 99 meters

  • Fixed a bug where automatic region selection would not always work properly

  • Fixed a bug where loot award rarity randomness was not as random as it should be

  • Player no longer breaks out of crouch to sprint automatically when pushing thumbstick to full extent, making it easier to crouch through traps

  • Added “Jump Start” Perk - starts players with a random Tier 1 melee weapon

  • Reduced Stamina cost for sprinting

  • Increased duration of stun when struck in the back by a thrown weapon

  • Revised aim assist settings

    • Increased area where aim sensitivity assist applies

    • Decreased area where rotational assist applies for ranged weapons

    • Reduced maximum target lock-on duration

  • Added Iron Sight sensitivity setting for aiming mode with ranged weapons

  • Fixed a bug that could cause game audio to become distorted

  • Added a detailed map of the Prison to the booth

  • Fixed a bug that prevented toilets from periodically spawning items

  • Fixed a bug where purchase prices for cosmetics sometimes failed to display

  • Fixed a bug that allowed a gun reload to be initiated again before a previous reload action was complete, resulting in the reload sound playing multiple instances

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the teammate highlight to fail to appear in some cases

  • Fixed a bug where scoreboard would display incorrect player match rank

  • Fixed a bug where bows would sometimes fail to fire a projectile

  • Fixed a bug where terrain would sometimes fail to draw when loading basic tutorial

  • Fixed a bug where players could become stuck in trees

  • Changed settings to allow players to introduce more diagonal movement with the controller without incurring a movement speed penalty

  • Fixed a bug where player names would sometimes fail to display correctly in a match (or on the scoreboard)

  • Fixed a bug where player cosmetics would sometimes fail to appear properly in a match

  • Revised all controller schemes to drop/swap inventory items by holding the X button (based on situational context), requires less time holding the button to drop/swap

  • Fixed bug where players were sometimes unable to activate a Man Tracker

  • Fixed bug where Match Summary and customizations menus could freeze if players pressed down on d-pad using controller under certain conditions

  • Fixed bug where snare placement visuals were incorrect

  • Game now properly saves Xbox configuration settings (i.e. controller settings) between sessions

  • Fixed bug where Victory Celebration animation could fail to display properly based on player state at end of match

  • Fixed bug where players that were slow to load into the match could result in certain gameplay elements failing to initialize properly

  • Coop is now defaulted to off in Quickplay filter. Players who wish to queue for teams matches should either team with a partner or remove the filter.

  • Fixed a bug that could force players to replay the basic tutorial under some conditions

  • Game now re-establishes a connection to game servers more reliably

  • Fixed a bug that could allow brief flashes of nudity *GASP* on female character model

  • Fixed a bug that caused aim assist and rotational assist to target teammates

  • Better handling of sign-in changes for Xbox profiles

  • Better behavior for sending and accepting Xbox teammate invites in various situations

  • Fix for potential crash when accepting a teammate invite

  • Fix for Chokening console sometimes failing to activate