Quality of Life #102159

Greetings Contestants!

We are officially less than a month away from Summer. And you know what they say: sun’s out, guns out.
Unlike some secret agents we’re not licensed kill, but we do have a license to patch, which is nearly as cool.

[Servers will be down on Thursday May 25th at 8AM EST and maintenance will continue for up to four hours.]

Since our last update, we’ve made great strides in improving various aspects of gameplay and addressing key issues that have come to our attention. By utilizing feedback from within the community, we have been able to address many quality of life items that simply make the moment-to-moment, match-to-match experience better overall.

Players can expect to see changes to hot-button items such as attack queuing, matchmaking, tutorials and more. We look forward to hearing the response to this update and we will see you in the arena!

Major Changes and Fixes

  • Matchmaker now heavily favors Classic matches, generally will not include solo players in teams matches under normal circumstances. The result is that without applying filters, solo players will generally see classic solo matches and pre-made teams will see classic teams matches

  • Fixed bug that allowed multiple attacks to be queued simultaneously under certain conditions

  • Fixed a bug that prevented certain actions from being interrupted when taking damage (i.e. applying a Med Kit)

  • Fixed a bug with input system that would sometimes queue an additional action when it shouldn’t

  • Fixed multiple bugs related to control input on end of match screen

  • Fixed bug where teammate highlight would not always appear

  • Bows are less accurate when fired while airborne

  • Fixed bug where Man Tracker would sometimes fail to function

  • Improved network connection flow to better communication connection status and automatically reconnect when necessary

  • New Player Experience Improvements (based on Free Weekend feedback)

    • New players are loaded directly into basic tutorial when starting the game for the first time

    • After exiting a tutorial level, players are returned to the Training menu rather than the main menu

    • Added Jump Start perk - new default where players will start the match with a random Tier 1 weapon

    • Lightning Round airdrops are automatically delivered at match start to avoid players disregarding the Airdrop landing pads


  • Tweaked gas iris speed slightly to attain Standing Room Only as countdown timer expires

  • Bridge airdrop landing pads removed in Lightning Rounds

  • FUNC piles no longer occasionally spawn weapons

  • Polished visuals at start of match for a smoother transition

  • Updated Holo Spawner art assets

  • Revised low-stamina state screen effects

  • Drop Your Bridges now automatically delivers a random airdrop rather than giving you free access to your own

  • Increased Chainsaw damage

  • Several adjustments to clothing colors

  • Fix for bug where Loot PInata would fail to spawn its drone

  • Gold Rush event occurs less frequently

  • Reduced damage slightly for fast weapons

  • Facial hair once again reflects selected hair color

  • Adjusted match pacing: Adjusted settings for player attrition triggering late-match phase. Gas closure begins 5 minutes after Late Match phase initiates.

  • Weapons obtained from random Airdrops now show the player’s equipped weapon skin

  • Updating UI to not display unneeded elements in Survival Mode

  • Big Boned reward perk is now based on total accumulated FUNC rather than current FUNC

  • Holo Spawner in Survival Mode now properly deducts 50 FUNC when used

  • Removed Impact Grenade from Slugger Lightning Round Airdrop

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where compass marker would not disappear when event ended

  • Fixed bug that allowed players to attempt to spectate after match ended

  • Fixed bug related to controller interaction on customization screens that could potentially lose UI focus

  • Fixed bug that allowed game control inputs to function while menus were active

  • Fixed tooltip that showed incorrect weapon speed for Survival Axe

  • Fixed bug where FUNC barrels spawned in Lightning Rounds on Prison map

  • Fixed Airdrop description text to properly indicate armor values

  • Fixed bug where UI lost focus when exiting queue using controller

  • Fixed bug where controller inputs would sometimes double-fire in menus

  • Fixed bug where Advanced Survival mode would stop spawning waves instead of being endless, increased difficulty of later waves

  • Fixed bug where Iron-4-Skin found in Lightning Round airdrop could be used multiple times

  • Fixed bug where player would not play death animation if they died to suicide

  • Fixed bug where players could get stuck in a loop if they failed to login properly

  • Fixed bug that prevented blood splatters from appearing

  • Fixed bug that sometimes prevented players from seeing their equipped cosmetic items in online matches

Known Issues

  • Our last update introduced some stability issues that we’re continuing to investigate

  • We’ve addressed an issue where the Linux / Steam OS build would fail to launch, but we have a persistent problem related to the controller that we hope to address soon

  • Some players are unable to join custom lobbies consistently