Filters Hotfix #100052

Greetings Contestants!

We’ve just pushed a patch that enables filtering of game modes.

By default, “Quick Play” will queue you for all available modes, but the Queue Filters available from the Play menu will allow you to set preferences for Solo vs. Teams and Classic vs. Lightning. When options are Green in the UI it means you’re willing to queue for those modes. Black means those modes are filtered and you will not be put in those matches.

Be aware that the matchmaker will always respect your filters, meaning you will not be placed in games that don’t match your preferences. Fewer filters will generally mean faster queue times.


  • Queue Filters are now active - players can choose to filter solo/teams and classic/lightning

  • Fixes to allow matchmaker filters to work properly with the new back-end matchmaker system

  • Tanto knife now properly behaves as a ** speed weapon (previously behaved as a *** speed weapon)

  • Classic matches will now start with as few as 8 players in the queue (previous minimum was 12 players to promote more timely queues.