Acquitted on all Charges #99828

Greetings Contestants!

Spring has officially sprung and new life is beginning to bud. That means that change is afoot, and The Culling isn’t excluded in nature’s plans. There are a lot of exciting things coming to the island in the near future and hopefully you’ve had a chance to check out the latest Roadmap Update.

This week’s patch is no exception. Contestants can look forward to a multitude of improvements at all levels of gameplay and we’re beyond thrilled to share them with the cullmunity.

Servers will be down on Wednesday March 22nd
 at 8AM EST and maintenance will continue for up to four hours.

With that said there is one thing we need to address. With any change comes a certain level of uncertainty. We’ve run into some last-minute bugs while implementing the filtering system. Rather than pushing these live in this state, we’ll be working on them for a little bit longer to make sure the system works as close to intended as possible once live.

This means that Filters will be released after this patch. We do not predict a long wait and we will keep you updated in the coming days as to the highly-anticipated feature’s arrival.


On the bright side, much like BShar at a donut eating contest, we were able to cram a few more items into this patch than we expected.

We’re looking forward to seeing the reception to these new changes and look forward to reading your constructive feedback.

See you on the island!


  • Combat

    • Charged melee attacks can no longer be charged indefinitely. Charged attacks execute automatically. There is an Overcharge period during which an attack can be held after it is fully charged. This period varies based on a weapon’s speed rating:

      • Fast (***) weapons execute the attack immediately after reaching full charge

      • Normal (**) weapons have an Overcharge period of 0.2s

      • Slow (*) weapons have an Overcharge period of 0.5s

      • Dev comments: The ability to hold a charged attack indefinitely led to stalemate situations where one player held a charged attack while the other held block. The charged attack state (coupled with the ability to quickly cancel into a block) was incredibly powerful - a brief mistake by a blocking opponent could be punished heavily. Why are we forcing the attack to execute once it has been initiated? Using the rock, paper, scissors paradigm, it’s important that players commit to an action when they take it. The system includes a minimum block time and a long shove animation so that players who take those actions are at risk if they made the wrong choice. Attacks are no different. If you choose to charge an attack, you’re taking a risk and your opponent deserves the opportunity to capitalize on a mistake. Our goal is for the neutral state to be the default during combat - forcing players to make predictive and reactive decisions based on their opponent’s patterns and actions. An added benefit of this change is to make weapon speed ratings more meaningful in terms of combat mechanics.

    • Melee attacks can no longer be canceled by blocking.

      • Dev comments: While many players enjoyed the ability to cancel an attack into a block (and subsequently into a shove), this mechanic contributed to the power of the charged attack state. Attacks can still be canceled by switching weapons, but that leaves the player vulnerable. This change improves the value of blocking and makes charging an attack against a neutral opponent more risky.

    • The duration and intensity of the “micro-stagger” imparted at the start of a Weakness or Feeble wound has been increased

      • Dev comments: In the previous iteration of Weakness/Feeble, a blocked player could reliably turn and run from the blocker without taking damage from a follow-up attack. This meant that successfully blocking an attack did not create an adequate window of opportunity for the blocking player. Our goal with Weakness and Feeble is for the blocking player to have a meaningful advantage - they can disengage from the fight, they can land a charged attack (that partially bypasses the Weakened player’s block), or they can read the opponent’s actions in the hopes of successfully shoving or blocking them again.

    • Volume of melee attack charging sound has been reduced

      • Dev comments: Without the ability to hold a charged attack to pursue a backstab against an unaware player, we chose to reduce the volume of this sound effect. If a player is crafting, looting a FUNC barrel, or recycling, it should be possible to charge your backstab in close proximity without giving away your presence.

    • Being struck with a thrown item causes a brief stun

      • Dev comments: This functionality was present for quite some time but was removed several patches ago. Based on community feedback we’ve reintroduced it - the goal is to allow a chasing player to have a skill-based method (i.e. picking up a rock or stick and throwing it) to gain ground against a fleeing player.

    • Being struck while shoving no longer results in a mini-stagger

      • Dev comments: This functionality was introduced some time back to combat a trend where players would shove repeatedly. With the current state of combat we do not expect shove spam to be a problem and the mini-stagger was confusing when it happened.

  • Perks

    • Leg Day has been removed

      • Dev comments: Movement speed perks are tricky when so much rides on your ability to maneuver, give chase, or escape. Ultimately we felt that Leg Day was too appealing compared to other Movement Perks and at the same time put players at risk if they chose not to take it.

    • Speedy Spear now increases sprint speed by 5% (previously 7%)

      • Dev comments: We’ve brought Speedy Speer’s bonus down to match where Leg Day was previously. Since Spears are relatively weak in the early game (when many players don’t have armor) and carrying a spear gives opponents a clue that you might have a speed advantage, we feel that it’s in a good place.

    • Dig Deep provides 10HP (previously 20), properly plays sound effect when it triggers

      • Dev comments: Dig Deep’s ability to mitigate a massive amount of what would have been killing-blow damage and restore player's’ health to the point where they could sustain multiple additional jabs made it compare favorably to the other Survival perks. It is still valuable, but players should now feel extremely vulnerable after Dig Deep triggers.

  • Airdrops

    • Early Match Airdrops have been removed (Bait Crate is now treated as a free utility airdrop)

    • Dev comments: As mentioned in the big picture update, we have several bigger changes coming to Airdrops and match progression, but the removal of Early Match airdrops represents an important first step. The primary goal here is to make scavenging and crafting viable and necessary during the early stages of the match.

  • Networking

    • Optimized several systems in terms of the amount of network traffic they were generating

    • Increased server tickrate from 36 to 65 updates per second

    • Dev comments: Finding the right balance between new features, bug fixes, and optimization is always tricky, especially for a small team during Early Access. These changes should improve responsiveness of the online experience. It is difficult for us to thoroughly test these changes under the wide range of network conditions experienced in a live environment, so we’re interested to hear from users about their experience with this change.

  • Misc Changes

    • Fixed several bugs related to taunting during other actions

    • Changed default mouse sensitivity to 100 from 200

    • Changed default FOV to 90 from 74

    • Fixed discrepancies with wound intensity on throw for some weapons