Hotfix #98XXX “The Frank Fix”

Greetings Contestants!

We don’t like to loot our own horn, but we have some crate news. Along with a few critical bug fixes, this hotfix will finally resolve the issue of missing crates that many of you experienced after the Big House update, along with a handful of other loot-related hiccups.

We call this “The Frank Fix.”

Servers will be down on Wednesday February 8th at 8AM EST and maintenance will continue for up to four hours.

As this hotfix makes its debut, we will still be hard at work on making improvements to the matchmaking service, which will make it easier to play the modes you prefer.

We also have a super fantastic special wonderful announcement brewing that we’re excited to share with the Cullmunity in the near future.

Until then,
See you on the island!

PS: Yes, we’re still working on filters.

The Frank Fix

  • We have resolved an issue that allowed the Steam Item conversion process to run multiple times on some accounts, resulting in excess Cull Crates and Cull Credits

  • We have resolved issues that resulted in some veterans not achieving their intended conversion tier (i.e. 1000+ hour veterans did not achieve “Alpha Master” status)

  • The “Frank Fix” will occur during server downtime and do the following:

    • Clear your inventory items and Cull Crates (your XP, Level, and Stats are intact, don’t worry!)

    • Award you all the crates you are due based on your level (i.e. a level 26 player receives 25 crates)

    • Award you 5 bonus crates as Frank’s personal apology

    • The next time you log in after the fix, we will re-run the Steam item conversion process, which will re-grant you crates and items based on the characteristics of your steam inventory

    • Dev comments: This update will put everyone exactly where they should be in terms of Cull Crates, Cull Credits, and items from their Steam inventory. Some players may miss out on their favorite Culling Card or weapon skin that dropped after the update, and for that we apologize. We will do our best to avoid future resets.

Bug Fixes and Balance

  • Mangler Perk now applies 40% of damage done to opponent’s stamina pool (previously 80%)

  • Fixed a bug related to Man Tracker and player stamina

  • Fixed a bug that caused a broken animation state when struck by a thrown spear

  • Fixed a bug that caused some victory celebration animations to look incorrect

  • Fixed a bug that prevented snares from applying expose wound when using Trapper perk

  • Fixed a bug that caused intermittent server stability issues