Valentine's Matchmaking Tweak

Ah, do you feel that? That's right love is in the air. Okay maybe it's a bit of pollution and a little bit of "Frank's personal stash", but you know what we mean.

It's nearly VALENTINE'S DAY!

That's right you love birds - it's almost the most romantic day of the year. We here at the office don't have time for romance, just ask our spouses, but we do have one surprise up our sleeve.

As of right now, we're showing the Cullmunity some love by making changes to the current matchmaking algorithm. Starting immediately, only pre-invited/grouped teams will guarantee* Teams matches. If there are no pre-queued teams in the Queue, a Solo match will be guaranteed. 

To clarify - this means that solo players *may find themselves in Teams matches, but they will be far less frequent. If you'd prefer to see more solo queues -we recommend that you queue without a partner for the best possible chance.

Moreover, we've listened to your feedback and we're also lowering the amount of Lightning Rounds and reserving them for long-queue times. This means, you shouldn't be seeing Teams if you're playing solo and most matches will be Classic Battle Royale.

Much like having Frank on our staff, this isn't the ideal solution and we're still actively working on both Ranked Mode and Filtered options for Quick Play. However, this should improve the player experience for players in the meantime.
Oh and if we weren't already clear - these changes are live and no hotifx is required. 

Until next time love birds,

See you on the island