The Culling Exits Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview #106182

Greetings contestants!

After a long journey, we’re pleased to launch The Culling out of Early Access and Xbox Game Preview into full release.

Server maintenance will occur today, Thursday, October 5th. PC servers will be down at 2PM Eastern. Xbox One Servers will be down at 6PM Eastern. Maintenance on each platform is expected to last up to four hours on each platform.

This update also coincides with the start of a new leaderboard season.


  • NEW! Golden Weapons

    • Dev Comments: Rather than delivering traditional airdrops for award-based match events (such as Grab My Package and Loot Express), we are now sending a crate with a single Golden Weapon to up the stakes of each event. These are Tier 3 weapons for mid-match events and Tier 4 weapons for late-match events. Their stats are generally identical to their non-golden counterparts, with a major twist. Our goal is that these weapons will provide a competitive edge, but won’t guarantee that you’ll win the match.

    • Bleeding Blade - This Katana delivers a bleed that lasts until the victim heals.

    • Triflector - This Trident deals 2 points of damage to your opponent every time you are struck

    • Nutcracker - This Sledgehammer can be charged for up to 3 seconds to deliver up to 60 damage

    • Axetinguisher - While this Fireman’s Axe is equipped you are immune to all wounds

    • VomiHawk - This Tomahawk inflicts a sickness wound with every strike

    • Vampire Bat - Recover 2 hp each time you strike an opponent

    • Doppledagger - When equipped, this Bowie Knife allows you to double-jump

    • Infinity Pole - This Yari returns to your hand each time it’s thrown

  • NEW! Voice Support (Xbox)

    • Proximity chat and Teammate chat

    • Both of these features can be disabled in the options menu

  • NEW! Cosmetics

    • Creepy Clown Outfits, Hair, and Masks

    • 8 new Victory Celebration animations.

    • All weapons receive two new skins

    • 26 new Culling Cards

  • NEW! Achievements (for Steam and Xbox)

Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Improved leaderboards interface to display a detailed breakdown of the matches contributing to your score

  • Revised leaderboards scoring criteria

    • It is now more challenging to attain higher ranks

    • Lower match placement positions pay fewer match points

  • Fixed several UI-related crashes

  • Fixed bug where automatic region selection was not working properly on Xbox

  • Fixed bug where thrown items would sometimes fall through ground

  • Fixed a bug that caused a hitch on player death

  • Fixed a bug where poison gas visuals could be offset from the hazardous area

  • Fixed a bug where kill notifications were sometimes blank

  • Added tournament winner banners for “The Cullminator” and “Killer Island” community events

  • Fixed a bug where controller vibration setting would not save properly

  • Fixed a bug where a piece of invisible collision was created after throwing a poison gas grenade

  • Fixed a bug that allowed clothing to be unequipped entirely

  • Fixed a bug where snare wires would sometimes fail to connect if placed at max range

  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from progressing past the splash screen when offline

  • Scoreboard now displays icon for weapons that killed dead players

  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to attempt to invite a teammate from the splash screen

  • Bouncing crate for Boom Box event can no longer launch players into the air