Strictly Cosmetic - Changes Coming to Steam Inventory

Attention Contestants!

With the upcoming major update comes some major changes. As of January 10th, The Culling will no longer utilize Steam’s inventory service to track your cosmetic item inventory. Instead, your inventory will be stored on our back-end servers.

Along with the new system, some design changes are happening. Moving forward, The Culling will no longer support duplicate items, nor will it support trading or selling your items to other players.

This decision was made so that we can utilize the same system across platforms. This change will help us prepare to launch The Culling into the Xbox Game Preview Program for Xbox One, a tentpole that the team is working hard to reach in 2017.

When you first run The Culling after the major update, your Steam inventory of Culling items will be taken through a conversion process, which will do the following:

  • Give you an equivalent item under the new system*

  • Evaluate your full list of cosmetic items and Trials Tokens as an indicator of how much time you played the Alpha version of the game

  • Grant you some number of limited-edition clothing and flair items along with additional rewards based on the list of items in your inventory

  • Remove all Culling Steam items from your Steam Inventory

In order to facilitate the conversion process, we will be disabling trading and marketing of steam items tomorrow, January 10th at 8AM EST.


* Be aware that in a small number of cases cosmetic items have been removed from the game and no longer have an equivalent item under the updated system. Don’t worry though, I’ve hacked nearly double the amount of items into the game and discontinued items will still count toward your inventory list when determining your other awards.