Putting the D in Defense #94107

Greetings Contestants!

Labor Day weekend couldn’t keep us from laboring over another exciting patch for you, even if we’ve accidentally gotten it sticky with barbecue sauce in the process.

In the past we’ve focused mostly on better ways for you to hack, stab, punch, and shoot your way to victory over your fellow contestants, but this time we’re taking a different tack. We’re giving you new tools that will let you withstand more abuse, without making early-match encounters last too long. Want better armor? Craft some if you’ve got the FUNC. Want more hit points? Take this pen thingy and jam it in your arm for a few seconds, it’s as easy as that! Want an armored tank you can drive around the island while you sip refreshing iced tea? We think that would be cool too, but we ran out of time.

The new patch will be released on Wednesday, September 7th. Servers will be down starting at 8AM Eastern for *up to* 4 hours.

See you on the island.


Balance and Gameplay

  • Armor Changes

    • Crafted Body Armor now costs 15 total FUNC, provides 20 HP of protection

    • New: Hardened Crafted Armor costs 45 total FUNC (recipe is Crafted Body Armor + Rock), provides 40 HP of protection. Edit: There is a known issue where crafting a Backpack with a Rock will yield Crafted Body Armor instead of Hardened Crafted Armor, despite costing 30 FUNC to do so. Please avoid this crafting recipe for the time-being.

    • Body Armor now provides 60 HP of protection, found only in Holo Spawners, Air Drops, and Red Crates. Edit: There is a known issue where Body Armor is still spawning in lockers

    • All armor now absorbs 50% of incoming damage

    • Dev Comments: We have a clear offensive progression in place, where players work to find stronger weapons throughout a match, but until now, defensive options have been limited. Basic crafted body armor is now a bit cheaper, but also less effective. A new tier of Reinforced Crafted Armor has been added, and Body Armor has been improved, but no longer appears in lockers or Green Crates. We hope this will also improve the popularity of Spears, which have stayed below Blades and Bludgeons for some time.

  • New Hemo Blast stim: Increases health pool by 10 HP and heals for 10 HP when applied. Found in Holo Spawners, Red Crates, and medicine cabinets. Edit: Also spawns in Green Crates

    • Dev comments: Along the same vein as the armor changes, the Hemo Blast gives players another avenue to improve their defense over the course of a match. These are effectively Big Boned in stim form, and they can be stacked. They are fairly rare and it's unlikely you’ll find more than one in a match, if that.

  • Expose wound for Axes now applies +10%, +20%, or +30% for *, **, and *** (previously +10%, +15%, and +20%)

    • Dev comments: Axes have spent a couple of cycles at the bottom of the popularity scale in terms of melee weapons, but this change will ensure that they are capable of landing devastating hits, even against these newly armored targets.

  • Queued Player Count UI. When queued for a match, you now see how many other players are currently queued in the same region / game mode

    • Dev comments: During off-peak hours this feature should help players determine whether a match is imminent when they queue.

  • Pressing Space Bar in Spectate mode selects the nearest player (in solo and private matches)

    • Dev comments: This is intended to make it easier to spectate a fight by switching between the two players involved, rather than cycling through all the living players in the match.

  • Wound Less perk now reduces duration of all wounds by -25% (previously -50%)

    • Dev comments: Wounds play a big part in the game and Wound Less is guaranteed to be useful in any match. So useful, in fact, that it’s the most popular perk among winning players! We think it will still be useful at half strength.

  • Gas Changes

    • The gas iris no longer closes in after reaching the “Standing Room Only” phase

    • The gas iris becomes progressively more deadly the longer you stay in it

    • Dev comments: In competitive play situations, a popular strategy was to focus on living in the gas longer than other remaining players. These changes make this strategy less viable. Fight!

  • Dynamite no longer spawns in the central Holo Spawners

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to avoid falling damage under certain conditions