Cullmunity Secret - New Balance Patch #94599

Greetings Contestants!

Change is in the air as the sun begins to set on summer and Speedo season comes to an unfortunate end. But on the island, it’s always Speedo season and the party never stops.

We here at Xaviant know how much the Cullmmunity love gruesome mur...The Culling, and since day one of Early Access we’ve leaned heavily on your feedback.

Like the most well-constructed of banana hammocks, your support goes a long way, that’s why we recently reached out to you to find out some of the key areas that needed addressing, putting together our “top 10 community fix requests” list. Rather than use our own string theories, we opened a direct dialog and hear exactly what you want.

Like Liam Neeson or Santa Claus, we love making lists, we make them all the time. Yet, this one, this list, this one was special because it came from you. And we love you for all of your gruesome gorgeousness.

The new patch will be released on Wednesday, September 21st. Servers will be down starting at 8AM Eastern for *up to* 4 hours.

Though we’ve only been able to floss out a few of those issues with this patch, rest assured we’ll be wedging in ever more fixes with future updates.

That covers what’s happening this week, but what about the future? Unlike Frank, when we make promises we keep’em. We’re committed to delivering new content and features throughout Early Access, and we’ve got some very special buns in the oven.

We can’t wait to show you what’s in our drawers.

Until next time!

See you on the island.

Balance and Gameplay

  • Players are no longer vulnerable to a shove when transitioning out of their block state

    • Dev comments: Not long ago we removed the “mini-stagger” that would be applied to players if they were shoved as they transitioned into and out of their block state, instead dealing a full stagger. We’ve found that this feels punishing during the outro transition, so players will no longer be vulnerable to shove as they exit their block.

  • Golden Arm’s bonus scales based on distance from target, with maximum damage applied at 20 meters

    • Dev comments: Although Golden Arm hasn’t exploded in popularity the way some predicted, it’s still capable of dealing massive damage. To increase the skill requirement, point-blank throws no longer benefit significantly from the bonus. Instead, the bonus damage scales to a maximum of 100% at 20 meters.

  • Armor prevents bleed wounds from being applied

    • Dev comments: Blades have been comfortably on top of the heap in terms of melee weapon popularity for several patches. While there are many contributing factors here, one key element is that blades have been nearly as effective against armored opponents as spears as the bleed damage completely bypasses armor. With this change, we’re giving spears a clear advantage against armor. This will also have an impact on bows, but we are working on plans to give more love to bows in the future.

  • Crafted Smoke Bomb and Angry Octopus no longer apply bleed wound

    • Dev comments: The blind wound is strong enough (perhaps too strong?) without the additional benefit of bleed.

  • Blowhard now increases duration of sickness wound by +25% (previously +100%)

    • Dev comments: Blowhard is now just enough to counter the effects of the recently rebalanced Wound Less.

  • Blind wound now lasts for 10 seconds (previously 15 seconds)

    • Dev comments: Crafted Smoke Bombs have seen a recent surge in popularity, likely because it cannot be countered as effectively by Wound Less. We’ve reduced the duration of the blind wound to compensate.

  • Disability Insurance now grants affected items (Smoke Bomb, Gas Grenade, Pepper Spray, Stun Gun) * Cripple instead of **** Cripple

    • Dev comments: The cripple wound applied by Disability Insurance was strong enough to guarantee that anyone affected by it was going to have a bad day. The lightest variety of cripple is more appropriate here.

  • Players can only trigger Punji Sticks (Crafted and Steel - once released) once every three seconds

    • Dev comments: After fixing several flavors of the “punji stacking” exploit, we’ve decided to approach the issue from a fresh angle.

  • Teams mode now triggers map shutdown when player count reaches 4 (previously set to 3)

    • Dev comments: We love teams mode! This community request was straight-forward to address and we are happy to do so. There are more teams mode tweaks in the works.

Bug Fixes

  • Private lobbies no longer allow more than 16 players to join, players receive a message when lobby is full

  • Fixed crafting recipe for Backpack + Rock, it now grants Reinforced Crafted Armor instead of Crude Crafted Armor

  • Tactical Body Armor no longer spawns in lockers

  • Fixed an audio bug after player dies in poison gas

  • Fixed inaccurate description of Alarm Gun

  • Fixed inaccurate description of Stamina Shot

  • Fixed issues with consistent naming for Crude Crafted Armor, Reinforced Crafted Armor, and Tactical Body Armor

  • Performance optimization for one of the Cullmination versions, may have triggered framerate slowdowns in some situations