Mantracker Gets the Runs, New Meta-altering Update on the Way!

Greetings Contestants!

If you’ve read our previous Big Picture blog post - and if not, go do that now- you know that we have some MAJOR features in the works that we won’t be ready to release just yet, but are excited for nonetheless.

Yet, we couldn’t live with ourselves if we didn’t continue to update. To beat the summer heat, we’ve been devoting a lot of attention to bugs and game balance, and we are already finishing up a new patch. Highlighted by a complete rebalancing of The Culling’s arsenal, the new patch will have a significant impact to the current state of the game.

So let’s get this out here right away:

This update will arrive on Wednesday, August 10th. Servers will be down starting at 8AM Eastern for up to 4 hours.

Our goal is to become even more transparent with our updates and their schedules. We want to continue to do Early Access right, and that means shining some light into the present and the future of The Culling.

While our Big Picture post was a good start, it doesn’t necessarily reflect everything in the pipeline and you can expect to hear more news, regularly, here on The very soon!

See you on the island!


Balance and Gameplay

  • Lightning Rounds are being retired temporarily

    • Dev comments: Lightning Rounds proved to be immensely popular. We’re taking them offline for maintenance, but we expect they will be back eventually with some new twists.

  • Longshot Perk now grants bonus damage to targets beyond 35 meters (previously set to 30 meters, despite UI text stating 40 meters)

    • Dev comments: Longshot has been set to 30 meters since prior to Early Access launch, but we failed to realize that until it was pointed out by the community after the last patch. This would ordinarily call for a simple fix to the text, but Longshot has gained enough popularity since the last patch that we chose to extend its range to 35 meters (and update the text to reflect that).

  • Mangler and Submission reduced to 80% bonus Stamina damage (from 100%)

    • Dev comments: Mangler and Submission skyrocketed in popularity after the last update, so a small adjustment is in order.

  • Crafted Hatchet Expose and Crafted Cudgel Cripple wound intensity reduced by one

    • Dev comments: A previous effort to improve the popularity of Axes and Bludgeons included a step up to tier 2 wound intensity for the crafted versions. Cripple and Expose are now powerful enough that the base level wounds are appropriate for the crafted weapons.

  • Regenerator Perk increased to 1 hit point per 4 seconds (from 1 per 5 seconds)

    • Dev comments: Regenerator is one of our least-utilized Perks. We are hesitant to give it a major boost, but we hope a moderate buff will make it appealing, at least to certain play styles.

  • Bow ammo capacity is now 18 arrows (from 24 arrows)

    • Dev comments: We’ve heard several calls from the community that arrows are in too much supply, especially at the end of matches, so we’ve reduced max ammo that can be carried - which should allow for more wrinkles in ranged play.

  • Dig Deep now restores 20 health when taking fatal damage (from 25)

    • Dev comments: The buff Dig Deep received with the last patch skyrocketed it in popularity to the top of the Perk list, so we’re bringing it down...a notch.

  • Mantracker can be used while moving without requiring the Mantracker Perk

    • Dev comments: Feedback from users is that the Mantracker is unintuitive to use when it requires the user to be stationary, so we’ve removed that requirement.

  • Weapon Damage Rebalance Pass

    • Dev comments: We have long wrestled with the challenge of how to provide significant variety across melee weapon types (and individual weapons) and still achieve a state of overall balance. What we’ve learned through multiple iterations and experiments is that pure DPS is king when it comes to players’ weapon choice. Even the mighty cripple wound on a Bludgeon cannot compete with the raw damage dealt by its Axe counterpart. As such, we’ve adjusted damage and wound intensity for a large number of melee weapons in order to achieve nearly equal DPS (our calculations take bonus damage from bleed and expose into account) output. We believe that this will free players to choose the weapon they feel offers the best synergy between play style, Perks, and Airdrop, or go for a generalist build that allows them to play effectively with whatever they happen to come across in a match. The list below includes all the parameters that were changed. You may notice that in order to achieve the desired balance, we’ve broken the long-standing rule that fully charged attacks deal exactly 3X jab damage. We don’t expect this pass to be the final word in balance, but we do hope that it will provide a solid baseline that we can use to make smaller corrective changes and quickly arrive in a happy place.
      Changes (only values that have changed are represented here):

      • Crafted Hatchet: 6-16 Damage, Expose Tier 1

      • Crafted Cudgel: Cripple Tier 1

      • Crafted Knife: 6-17 Damage

      • Crafted Spear: 6-18 Damage

      • Ice Axe: 7-20 Damage, Expose Tier 1

      • Cleaver: 7-19 Damage, Expose Tier 2

      • Machete: 7-22 Damage, Bleed Tier 2

      • Tanto Knife: 6-19 Damage, Bleed Tier 2

      • Javelin: 7-22 Damage

      • Tomahawk: 7-21 Damage, Expose Tier 2

      • Bowie Knife: 7-23 Damage

      • Kukri: 8-24 Damage

      • Sabre: 7-23 Damage

      • Tactical Machete: 8-24 Damage

      • Survival Spear: 9-27 Damage

      • Fireman’s Axe: 9-25 Damage

      • Katana: 9-26 Damage

      • Trident: 10-30 Damage

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where .357 Magnum and SMG would play their SFX/VFX twice with each shot

  • Fixed a text bug where Basher Perk erroneously stated it reduced melee charge time by -20% (actual reduction is -30%)

  • Fixed a text bug where Disability insurance said it applies to Gas Grenades (it doesn’t apply to Gas Grenades)

  • Fixed a bug where Trapper Perk wasn’t properly reducing trap placement times

  • Removed Golden Crowbar from the map (this was an unintentional preview of a prototype match event)

  • Removed Taunt prototype (whoops, you weren’t supposed to see that yet!)