You Axed - We Listened #93811

Greetings Contestants!

Summer may be slowly coming to a close, but there’s no time for rest and relaxation on the island. We’re sweating our… coding fingers.. off, as we’re putting together a whole slew of shiny new additions and features that will make The Culling more thrilling, more adrenaline-filled, and more buzzwords that basically mean even more fun!

While those tasty treats are baking in Frank’s (non trademark infringing but easy to use) oven, we’re also watching you play and listening to the incredible #Cullmmunity feedback. It’s not creepy, we swear. We do it for the better of the game. But make no mistake, we’re always watching.

Our latest update will arrive on Wednesday, August 24th. Servers will be down starting at 8AM Eastern for *up to* 4 hours.

Contestants can expect to see significant tweaks and improvements to the core gameplay. Axes have a new lease on life, explosions are no longer insta-wins, and guns take longer to pull out - requiring players to use safer combatraseptives.

We hope that these changes will bring some more action to the island and we’re excited to see you duke it out. Remember, we’re watching. Always.

See you on the island!

Balance and Gameplay

  • Base damage of Axes increased by a small amount; duration of Expose wound decreased to 6 seconds (from 20 seconds)

    • Dev comments: Axes now offer a slight advantage in terms of maximum damage potential (when exploiting their Expose wound) compared to the other weapon types, but the duration of the Expose wound has been reduced significantly, meaning that the benefits of Expose will no longer be guaranteed in a given melee exchange. We expect this will increase the viability of axes somewhat as well as making the Expose wound more interesting to use (and counter). Will axes fully return to their former glory? Time will tell.

    • Crafted Hatchet: 6-17 (10% Expose)

    • Ice Axe: 7-23 (10% Expose)

    • Cleaver: 8-22 (15% Expose)

    • Tomahawk: 7-25 (15% Expose)

    • Fireman’s Axe: 9-29 (20% Expose)

  • All weapon- and trap-applied Cripple wounds now last 5 seconds (previously Cripple * and Cripple ** lasted 10 seconds and 7 seconds, respectively); Explosives now apply Cripple * instead of Cripple ***

    • Dev comments: In a previous effort to make Bludgeons more appealing, we buffed multiple aspects of the Cripple wounds. This was effective at making Bludgeons (and the Stunner Perk) more popular, but long-duration impairing effects are frustrating for players and make the Wound Less Perk feel like a necessity for many. Explosives are powerful enough without the added benefit of a strong Cripple wound, so they now apply the weakest Cripple.

  • Dig Deep now restores 15 HP when taking fatal damage (from 20HP)

    • Dev comments: Dig Deep went from being one of the most popular perks (when it restored 25HP) to one of the least popular (when we reduced it to 15) and then shot back to the top when we found the middle-ground at 20HP. We give up! We’re not going to set it to 17.5HP (we discussed it, it would be silly), so we’re putting it back to 15 HP.

  • Equip time for guns has been extended

    • Dev comments: Some intrepid players have become adept at utilizing melee combat stagger window as an ideal time to equip guns and score easy hits. We’ve extended the equip time for guns to make this more difficult.

  • Dynamite maximum damage reduced from 80 to 75

    • Dev comments: Dynamite has always been very strong. It is now slightly less strong.

  • Remote Explosives maximum damage reduced from 95 to 75

    • Dev comments: We’ve repeatedly found that one-shot-kill weapons generate more frustration on the part of the victim than they provide satisfaction to the killer. Especially given that these can be found in green crates, we’ve decided to reduce their damage.

  • Maximum throw damage for Javelin and Tomahawk has been increased (to 21 and 24)

    • Dev comments: We have a soft spot for Golden Arm, despite the perk being tricky to balance. Our last set of changes saw Golden Arm fall out of favor. We’re hoping that boosted throw damage for these weapons will see it make a small comeback.

  • Slightly reduced melee action queuing windows

    • We made another small tweak to the melee action queuing windows to avoid cases where a player inadvertently executes one action when they intend another.

    • Queues in NA and EU have been optimized to begin with 12 players during non-peak hours, an increase from the previous 8.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a case where a player would not be fully staggered when shoved from the front while blocking

    • Dev comments: The “mini-stagger” is a stop-gap solution we implemented for cases where a player is shoved while blocking but the default stagger backwards animation would not be appropriate (i.e. the player is shoved from the side or back). We recently discovered that mini-staggers could be triggered from the front.

      With this change, whenever a player is shoved from the front while in their block state, they will now be subject to a full stagger. As always, we appreciate the community sharing captured footage to bring issues like this to our attention!

  • Chopper and Basher Perk description text now properly reflects that they reduce throw charge time in addition to melee charge time

  • Golden Crowbar prototype is gone. We mean it this time!