July Lightning Update Today! #92896

Greetings Contestants!

We’re dropping a big update today. In additional to the usual boatload of balance changes, we’re adding an all new game mode. Lightning Rounds pit 8 contestants against one another. Everyone has the same perks and Airdrop, and that airdrop is available from the start of the match (there is a landing pad at each start location). This is the most fast-paced, aggressive version of The Culling you’ve ever seen! Lightning Rounds are also a great way to unlock Airdrops you may not have already, including the new Hawks Eye, which provides a faster way to guarantee yourself a Compound Bow.

Servers will be down starting at 10AM Eastern for up to 4 hours.

New Features

  • Lightning Round game mode

    • 8 players

    • Played on a subset of the normal map

    • Shorter match length

    • Fast, free Airdrop at start of match (all contestants receive the same randomized Airdrop)

      • Known Issue: Game menu does not properly reflect the designated Airdrop

    • Preset perks (Cannibal, Mantracker, Backpacker)

  • Hawk’s Eye Airdrop

    • Compound Bow

    • Smoke Grenade

    • Gas Grenade

    • Cost: 175 FUNC

Balance and Gameplay

  • Stun Gun has been refactored

    • Holds 1 charge

    • Must be charged up briefly before it can discharge

    • Will not discharge unless it hits a contestant

    • Disarmable

    • Range reduced

  • Firearms

    • Headshot bonus set to 50% (from 100%)

    • Increased cost of all Airdrops with guns by +75 FUNC

    • Max ammunition limited to one full magazine (previously 2 magazines)

  • Alarm Gun

    • Deals 10 Damage

    • Max ammo of 1

    • Reload cost increased to 10

    • Barrels required for reload

    • Reduced alarm wound duration to 60 seconds (from 120 seconds)

    • Reduced drop rate in buildings

  • Cripple Wound

    • Damage no longer removes cripple wound

    • Cripple * = 95% of max movement speed for 10 seconds

    • Cripple ** = 90% of max movement speed for 7.5 seconds

    • Cripple *** = 80% of max movement speed for 5 seconds

    • Cripple **** (falling and explosives) = Max 70% movement speed for 5 seconds

    • Note: All cripple wounds clear movement speed buffs

  • Cudgel and Hatchet can now be crafted into bows

  • Blades: Minor reduction in base damage of all blades to better account for benefits of bleed wound

  • Chopper and Basher Perks now have -30% reduced charge time (previously -20%)

  • Pierce characteristic of Spears no longer bypasses armor, but instead provides significant bonus damage against armor

  • Angry Octopus cooldown reduced to 60 seconds (from 120 seconds)

  • Blowgun deals 6 damage (from 5)

  • Blowhard perk now adds +100% damage

  • When killing another contestant, players now receive +15 HP and +50 Stamina by default without requiring the Cannibal perk

  • Cannibal perk now provides an additional +15 HP and +50 Stamina

  • Submission and Mangler Perks now deal 100% of damage to Stamina (from +50%)

  • Longshot perk bonus now deals +60% bonus damage at long range (from +40%)

  • Bomb Suit perk now reduces damage from Firearms and Explosives by -30% (from -50%)

  • Master Crafter damage now offers +10% damage bonus (from +20%)

  • Added Holo Spawner to Sat Com building

  • Added a recycler to lower level of Sat Com building

  • Impact Grenade now deals 50 damage (from 65)

  • All crafted traps are now destructible (via melee or explosives)

  • All steel traps are now destructible (via explosives)

  • The Chokening match event now triggers with less warning to other players

  • Cameras no longer track players using Inhuman perk

  • Grab My Package match event is back by popular demand!

Bugs and Polish

  • Swamp building full art pass

  • Level lighting polish passes

  • Fix for exploit allowing stagger to be canceled

  • Fix for exploit allowing Punji Sticks to be stacked

  • Fix for some collision issues in Sat Com building

  • Fix for a hitch in disarm animation

  • Fixed some bugs with Holo Spawner behavior

  • Fixed some issues with rifle aiming animations

  • Fixed collision issue with front window of Culpepper Outfitters

  • Fixed a bug where moving door physics could result in unusable items

  • AI behavior improvements for tutorials

  • Art pass on air conditioners

  • Fixed exploit that allowed players to avoid falling damage under certain conditions

  • Removed Independence Day cosmetic items, they were ridiculous while they lasted

  • Art pass on console to initiate The Chokening match event

  • Updated explosion VFX

  • Bot optimizations

  • Fix for bug with thrown weapon physics

  • Fix for bug that allowed physics objects to fall through the world in some cases

  • Made it slightly easier to quickly pick up items

  • Polished spear attack animations

  • Several bug fixes for tutorials


We’ll see you on the island!