Hotfix Incoming! #92449

Greetings Contestants!

We’re rolling out a new hotfix that addresses a handful of issues. Servers will be down for up to 4 hours as we roll out the update.

Hotfix Changes

  • Fixed bug that prevented players from using the in-game text chat feature

  • Fixed an exploit related to Stun Gun ammo

  • Fixed issues related to the mouse cursor losing focus under certain conditions

  • Modified action queuing behavior to be less intrusive

  • Implemented a “convenience tax” on Holo Spawners. Items in Holo Spawners  now cost 150 FUNC (instead of 100). This is intended to delay the appearance of higher tier weapons in the match

  • Fixed an issue where items would get stuck in the air if thrown in certain spots on the map

We’ll see you on the island!