Hotfix Incoming! #91794

Greetings Contestants!


After digesting the feedback you delivered during the final Test Server and into the early hours of our latest update, we’ll be bringing  down the servers shortly for a brief downtime (roughly two hours) in order to hotfix a few issues with the latest patch.

Hotfix Changes

  • Trapper perk now applies Expose wound only to Crafted Snares and Steel Snares, not Caltrops or Punji Sticks

  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to equip legacy perks and use them in online matches

  • Trapper preset now includes Brutus instead of Faster Trapper

  • Fixed a server crash bug

  • Fixed several (but not all) game text issues with perk and weapon descriptions not matching functionality

  • Fixed a bug where players could get stuck in a blocking animation

  • Fixed a bug where charging a bow shot would affect mouse sensitivity

  • Fixed a bug where users in North America could not connect to the server if their region was set to auto detect

  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to stack multiple Punji Sticks on top of one another

We’ll see you on the island!