Hotfix Incoming! #92358

Greetings Contestants!

The latest patch has been a huge success, but that doesn’t mean we’re ready to start resting on our laurels. Today’s hotfix brings a few changes that should make your time on the island that much more relaxing, rewarding, and murderous.

Servers will be down for up to 4 hours this morning as we apply the hotfix.

Hotfix Changes

  • Rebalanced spears to have lower base damage, axes to have higher base damage

  • Fix for issue where shove/block would behave unreliably under certain circumstances

  • Fix for issue where mouse would lose focus, forcing user to exit application

  • Provide error message when unable to connect Steam during game startup

  • Fix for issue where Stun Gun sometimes spent both charges at once

  • Fix for inaccurate bow bleed wound intensity HUD tooltip text

  • Fix for Stun gun interaction with Woundless perk

  • Fix for some cases where Stamina would fail to regenerate

  • Fix for undroppable disposables (Snares, Stun Gun)

  • Fix for collision issue in center arenas

We’ll see you on the island!