The Culling Update Incoming! Revision #91351

Greetings Contestants!

We know It’s been a while since our last update and that’s because we’ve been trying out LOTS of changes on our Test Servers. The Test Server program has allowed us to experiment with new features and changes to the game, but most of all it allows us to pull in incredible amounts of feedback from within the community before bringing updates live.

The dust has finally settled and we’re ready to roll out the changes. If you joined us on the Test Servers last night, you’ll recognize this update, but with a couple of tweaks:

Changes since the 5/18 Test Server Build

  • West Coast North America servers are live!

  • Shove stamina cost set to 10

  • Blocking no longer drains stamina (but you don’t regenerate while blocking)

  • FUNC reward for killing another player increased to 40 (the +15 bounty per kill remains)

  • Fixed a bug where controls could become unresponsive when player was in low-stamina state

For the rest of you, here’s a breakdown of all the changes you’ll see since our last hotfix to the live game:

Melee Combat Mechanics

  • All weapon attack animations and timings normalized to match the *** speed weapons. Weapon speed rating applies only to charge time. The goal with weapon speeds is to provide consistent attack control feel for all melee weapons (equivalent to the Early Access launch build) while requiring greater skill to maximize charged attack damage against a staggered opponent using slower weapons

  • Shoving now costs 10 stamina (instead of 3). This is intended to make players more judicious with the shove, as it is the only combat action that doesn’t have a staggering counter-action

  • Shoving an opponent who is not blocking will no longer visually appear to damage the receiving player (we think this was confusing some shoved players into believing they had been attacked, which naturally led to blocking, which encouraged spamming of shove)

  • Fixed an issue where charging an attack did not yield a consistent, linear increase in damage. Damage scaling now matches the charge level shown on the HUD charge indicator

  • Correctly matched some weapon-specific animation timings for combat interrupts that showed you returning to idle before your stagger was complete, giving the false impression that you could take action while you were still stunned

  • Reduced the window where players were vulnerable to shove after dropping their block

  • Damage will now interrupt the stagger state, preventing players from landing multiple consecutive jabs on a staggered opponent (you must now charge your follow-up attack to maximize damage)

  • Slightly increased the period of time after launching an attack where the game checks to see if the attack is striking a target, making it easier to land attacks in some situations

  • Reduced and standardized the time after completing a combat action (attack, shove, or jab) before another action could be taken

  • Removed the ability to instantly transition to a shove when cancelling a charged attack via blocking. Shove cancelling is still possible, but there is a brief transition

  • Added a brief minimum block time when executing a block to increase the risk of tapping and releasing block to bait a shove from the other player


  • We want to slow down the weapon progression in matches. The current 50 FUNC cost to open a Blue Crate is trivial and has a decent chance of equipping you with a Tier 4 weapon within the first few minutes of the match. Our goal is for each tier of weapon to have its place within the match progression, with Tier 4 melee weapons and guns appearing closer to the finale. We’ve made several changes to nudge things in that direction. Tier 1 and 2 weapons are obtainable early and should be valuable during the first half of the match. Tier 3 weapons are harder to reach because the FUNC cost of Blue Crates has increased. Tier 4 melee weapons and guns are only available through Airdrops and Match Events, and the costs of those Airdrops are significantly higher

  • FUNC Bounty on death. The base reward for killing another player is now 40 FUNC, but a player’s value increases by 15 FUNC for each kill they’ve gotten during a match (i.e. a player with 2 kills is worth 70 FUNC). Keep an eye on the scoreboard to see who the juiciest targets are

  • We’ve done a full pass on the Air Drop values, with Tier 3 weapons generally requiring 100 FUNC and Tier 4 weapons generally requiring 200 FUNC.

  • Blue Crates now cost 100 FUNC to open (previously 50)

  • Blue Crates no longer have a small chance to spawn a Tier 4 melee weapon or a gun

  • Gold Crates have replaced the blue crates near the central arena. They cost 200 FUNC and contain items that might give you an edge if you have FUNC to spare going into the final stages of the match: Body Armor, Orange Juice, Dynamite, Med Kit, X-plosive Runs, Stamina Boost, MuscleMan Milk, Iron-4-Skin (all with an equal chance to drop)

  • Ammo reload for guns now costs 100 FUNC (previously 75)

  • Increased cost of crafted knife to 7 FUNC, reduced crafting cost of spear, hatchet, and cudgel to 0 FUNC

  • FUNC recycle value for all crafted melee weapons has been normalized to 4

  • Destroying a red barrel awards 5 FUNC

  • Crafted Explosives now require 30 FUNC to craft. Damage has been increased to 35 (from 20) and radius has been increased to 6 meters (from 4 meters) - This increases the time required to open a Red Crate at the start of the match

  • “Loot Pinata” event now spawns one crate instead of two

  • Stun Guns now spawn in Green Crates and no longer spawn in Blue or Red Crates


  • Reduced Crafted Blowgun max ammo to 6 (from 9)

  • Reduced Crafted Blowgun sickness duration to 10 seconds (from 15 seconds) and allow a single vomit per sickness (instead of 2)

  • Increased Chainsaw damage

  • Reduced duration of Stamina Stim to 30 seconds (from 2 minutes)

  • Stamina regenerates faster in most situations

  • Golden Arm bonus damage now scales with charge percentage (no bonus damage is applied if the throw is not charged at all), Golden Arm previously applied its full bonus regardless of charge level

  • Cyclops Air Drop now includes Steel Snare instead of Orange Juice

  • Trident damage reduced to 9-27 (previously 10-30)

  • Axes felt weak compared to spears, so the Expose was wound increased to 10%, 15%, 20% (previously 5%, 10%, 15%)

  • Blades felt weak compared to spears, so Bleed wound damage was increased to 6, 10, 14 over 10 seconds (previously 4, 8, 12 over 12 seconds)

  • Damage to Stamina caused by Mangler and Submission perks reduced to 50% of weapon damage (previously 135%)

  • Removed the interrupt stagger when being struck while holding a ranged weapon (you will still be disarmed)

Other Changes

  • Max FPS is unlocked by default

  • Shadow Quality at Low now has even greater performance optimizations by reducing shadow resolution and accuracy. Shadow Quality at High now includes greater accuracy in shadows and will incur additional performance cost

  • New announcer VO for Med Stations

  • Removed Cheapskate perk

  • Revised scoreboard visuals

  • Improved shove animations

  • Bridges now have Airdrop landing pads with shorter flight paths (but more exposed to other players)

  • Fix for a bug where invisible player collision would remain after death

  • Polished spear attack animations

  • Fix for bug that allowed players to interact with Airdrop landing pads through barriers

  • Fix for bug where starting with Mantracker or Alarm Gun in practice mode positioned the item incorrectly in the player’s hand

  • Fix for a bug where you could stack Punji Sticks in certain situations

  • Fixed a bug where perks and customizations would not always load in offline mode

  • Removed the player highlight that was indicating a player had Dig Deep perk equipped (looked too much like Iron-4-Skin highlight, we’ll implement something custom later if the UI icon is insufficient)

  • Med Kit now fully heals players with Big Boned perk

  • Fix for floating lily pads and detritus allowing traps to be placed on top of them

  • Fix for bug where disarming a player who was charging a throw was not always working properly

  • Changed default video settings, added option to auto-detect video settings (from front end menu)

  • Improved several hit reaction animations and reduced the distance players move when taking the hit

Once again we appreciate your patience and support as we continue our mission to do Early Access right.

We’ll see you on the island!