Trials of the Isle

Greetings contestants! 

The team here at Xaviant… and Frank... have been hard at work on our biggest, bloodiest update yet, “Trials of the Isle.” We hope you come out and join us when it launches tomorrow (Wednesday, April 27th). Servers will be down from 8 AM until Noon (Eastern) while we roll out the patch. 

Bring a friend, or a mortal enemy, because The Culling will be available at a -10% discount on Steam until Monday. 

We’ll see you on the island! 


  • New Features
    • Private lobbies. Up to 16 friends can compete in free-for-all mode and decide who truly is the master of the island.
    • SteamOS support. Spread mayhem at your desk and in your living room.
    • Female playable characters. Play as a female contestant with an extensive suite of customization options.
    • Trials Matches. Trials Tokens are awarded for winning free-for-all matches. Spend tokens to compete in weekly free-for-all Trials Matches (at designated times) against other winners for a chance to score exclusive, limited-edition loot.
  • New customization items. Spice up your gear with new shirt designs by Filthy Casual and Design By Humans as well as limited-edition hats!
  • New weapons. Spill even more blood on the island with the Crafted Cudgel (Tier 1 Bludgeon, Crafted Hatchet + Rock, 2 FUNC) and the mighty Trident (Tier 4 Spear)
  • New Air Drops
    • Polecat: Trident, Survival Spear, Javelin (105 FUNC)
    • Cyclops: Trident, Orange Juice, Body Armor (110 FUNC)
    • Bait Crate: Decoy Air Drop that will explode upon opening to deal 20 hit points of damage. Available by default (50 FUNC)
  • New weapon wounds. Each weapon type now has a unique wound.
    • Expose: Axes. Intensity 1,2,3 increases damage of next attack made against the expose target by 5%, 10%, 15% respectively.
    • Pierce: Spears. Piercing trait on Spears allows all damage from the spear to bypass the opponent’s armor. Intensity of the pierce represents how much of the armor is also removed on each hit. Tier 1:12.5%, Tier 2: 16.7%, Tier 3: 25%.
    • Bleed: Blades. No changes to wound functionality.
    • Cripple: Bludgeons. No changes to wound functionality.
  • Throw Damage is now an independent weapon stat (no longer directly tied to melee damage) in order to further differentiate individual weapons
    • Some weapons now excel at throwing and others are less effective. There are now fewer weapons that can achieve extremely high throw damage values when combined with Golden Arm.
  • New Perks
    • Dig Deep: Gain 30 Health when damage would kill you. (Once per match, visible to your opponents via HUD)
    • Angry Octopus: When reduced below 30 Health automatically drop a Smoke Bomb (30-second cool-down, does not require Smoke Bomb in your inventory)
    • Inhuman: You can not be tracked with Man Tracker and are immune to Alarm Gun
    • Thicker Clotting: Reduce duration of all wounds by 50%(Clotting Agent and Hearty Constitution removed and replaced with Thicker Clotting)
  • Armor Changes
    • Crafted Armor now reduces incoming damage by 30% for 30 hit points (previously 30% for 20 hit points)
    • Body Armor now reduces incoming damage by 50% for 50 hit points (previously 50% for 30 hit points)
  • New baked lighting scheme improves graphical fidelity and improves rendering performance
  • Shove Changes
    • Increased launch delay of shove to closely match that of block and attack. Shove was previously faster which gave it an advantage.
    • Shove no longer causes a stagger interrupt against a player who is charging a power attack. Players will continue to charge their attacks even if they are shoved.
    • Shove now does negligible damage (previously 2 hit points per shove)
    • Increased time between shoves to reduce effectiveness of spamming shove key
  • Cosmetic Loot Rarity
    • We have added two new levels of ultra-rare loot and adjusted our rarity color scheme to suit. Rarity progression is now: White,Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Red
    • Limited-Edition Items. Some items will drop only in Trials of the Isle matches and for a limited time.
  • Crate Drop Distribution
    • Spears, Blades, Bludgeons, and Axes now have an equal chance of dropping from all crates.
    • Tier 4 melee weapons now all have a small chance to drop from Blue Crates


Graphics Settings

  • Graphics settings will have a greater impact on your system’s performance:
  • Render Quality. This setting previously affected resolution only. It now also affects characteristics of the game’s new lighting scheme. The Extreme setting may represent a performance decrease for some users (but a significant fidelity increase over the previous version of the game) as a result.
  • Texture Quality. The streaming pool size has been raised for users on the High and Medium settings and lowered on the Low setting to better handle different video card memory limitations. The Low setting should resolve hitching issues on low-end cards.


  • Fixed a bug in Baseball Bat shove behavior
  • Fixed a bug in Crafted Knife shove behavior
  • Weapon balance adjusted for addition of Expose and Pierce, not as sweeping as previous balance passes. We like the jobs that each weapon is doing, but several needed their damage, speed or wound adjusted for Expose and Pierce.
  • Perk: Poking deeply removed as it no longer fits with spear wounds.
  • Bridge art and audio improved.
  • Explosive Barrels and FUNC Barrels damage now properly falls off over its explosive range rather than ramping up.
  • Fix for Bloodbath not applying its effect on throws. Changing the way we decide if an incoming bleed wound should replace an existing bleed wound. Before the one that had the longest remaining duration would apply, now it's the one with the highest remaining damage.
  • Fix for Bomb Suit perk sometimes causing all players in theexplosion radius to get its benefits and not just the player with the perk.
  • Fix for players being able to block while puking.
  • Perks Code Red and Alarm Gunner combined to create Red Gunner
  • Perk Blowsafe removed
  • Perk Blowzoom removed
  • Perk Master Crafted damage bonus increased to 20%
  • Perk Tough Mother mitigation bonus increased to 15%
  • Perk Big Boned health bonus increased to 25 hit points
  • Charged attacks no longer break out of the charge anim when hit by a ranged shot
  • Cleaver is now considered an Axe type weapon (apparently this is true in real life, because chopping?). We don’t have perfect balance of types yet (X # of Axes vs. X # of Bludgeons etc…), that is something we’re working on for the future, but we’re taking small steps like this where we can to prepare for those changes.
  • Fix for Stun Gun using both ammo shots on a successful hit.
  • Steel Snares were bugged and doing 15 damage instead of 25, this is now corrected.
  • Recycle Costs and Airdrop Value bug fixes, some old values were still set in recycle values giving bad value to airdrops.
  • Scoreboard no longer displays list of player names in a match until the first contestant is killed


  • Alarm Gun SFX added when target is shot while Inhuman Perk is equipped
  • Added new announcer death notifications for Spear kills.
  • Added new announcer death notifications for Axe kills.
  • Added new announcer death notifications for Fist kills.
  • Added new announcer death notifications for Bow kills.
  • Added new Health Machine phrases and random barks.


  • Map texture and material improvements.
  • New south water treatment building WIP cleaned up meshes and landscape around area
  • Fixed some door locks on the Southern water works
  • Added new water works entrance piece
  • Extensive support and level art changes to support new optimized lighting solution
  • Adjusted container and recycler and health station locations to work better with the new lights and to avoid access through windows
  • Toned down the bloom and contrast on the spawn box so the players screen doesn't white out on release


  • Animation speed improvements to better match current movement speeds (crouch, walk, sprint).
  • General animation improvements to the attack animations to reduce popping and erratic behavior.
  • Weapon animation fixes for hand IK
  • Did some sword animation cleanup; added two missing 3P Sword Attacks to match the 1P versions; 1P camera animations are less erratic
  • Leg IK cleanup
  • Feet should only rotate to match normal of contact surface when IK is actually active (fix broken ankles when jumping / falling)
  • Changed the anim length of crafting poison darts to match the craft time
  • Animation polish for weapons while sprinting
  • Added hip leaning / spine twisting when characters are turning
  • Various female character supporting changes
  • Created Bat heavy attack version for 1P and 3P which is two handed.
  • Did some upper-body bow run polish.
  • Added blinks and lessened the degree of head turn to the front end female idle.
  • Separated hits reacts into new groups for better blending between hits and attacks
  • Created recycle anims for the brass knuckles.
  • Fixed skin weighting on balaclavas that was much more apparent with graphic versions


  • Added Icons for new Perks, Updated some others.
  • Outline added to FUNC symbol in hud
  • Crafting Guide Updated with Cudgel
  • Loot rarity color is visible in front end for cosmetic items


  • Fix for Baseball Bat not showing charge meter for throwing
  • Potential fix for input becoming stuck after item use is interrupted by puking. Now the item use will be canceled.
  • Fix for players sometimes being able to spectate someone other than their teammate in a teams match
  • Added protections against movement speed perks being permanently removed by cripple or low stamina state or edge-case scenarios.
  • Fixed hover tooltips in front end menus to match perk descriptions
  • There is a bug that is still allowing the Man Tracker to track female targets, Frank is apparently unable to resolve this time around,maybe next patch.