Slay Bells Ring

Greetings Contestants!

The aroma of sour eggnog and dried blood hangs heavy in the brisk winter air as the team puts the finishing touches on the major update. But, what fun are the holidays without a little cheer? So, before that happens, we thought we’d let you open one last present before the New Year!

The new patch will be released on Tuesday, December 20th. Servers will be down starting at 8AM Eastern for *up to* 4 hours.

This patch revolves around some seemingly small changes to melee combat that we expect will have a big impact. In an effort to make combat more enjoyable and less punishing, we’ve removed the stagger that previously happened when you struck a blocking player, and we’ve made it  impossible for another player to cancel your charged attacks.

We like the feel and pace this new aggressive twist brings to the combat system and we’re eager to hear your thoughts.

For more in-depth explanation, you can read our recent blog post.

See you on the island!

Balance and Gameplay

  • Melee Combat Changes

    • Charged melee attacks are no longer canceled by taking melee damage

    • Blocking a melee attack no longer staggers the attacker

    • Dev comments: For a full description of our melee combat changes and the reasoning behind them, please check out this blog post.

  • Late-Match Airdrops are available three minutes earlier. They can be called after 9 minutes have elapsed (16:00 remaining). Previously available at 12 minutes elapsed (13:00 remaining)

    • Dev comments: We’re working to find the right balance of cost and match time availability for Late-Match Airdrops. These contain the most powerful weapons in the game, so we want to hold them back long enough to give value to the lower tiers, but we also want them to be attainable enough to represent a viable strategy. Keep the feedback coming!

  • Bow headshots now deal 1.5X bonus damage (previously 2X bonus damage)

    • Dev comments: We realized consistency for headshot damage is probably a good idea, so we’ve made the headshot bonus for bows match the bonus for firearms.

  • Blocking now prevents wounds applied by thrown weapons

    • Dev comments: Throwing was not originally intended to be a guaranteed way to apply a wound, so we’ve closed this loophole. Note that hits which bypass the block from the sides or back will still apply the wound, even if the player is blocking.

  • Chemist Perk now increases duration of stims by 50%

    • Dev comments: We like round numbers and Chemist was feeling a little tepid, so this is a golden opportunity for everybody to feel good about a change.

  • Bait Crate is now treated as Early-Match Airdrop (instead of a Utility Airdrop), allowing it to be called once per match without FUNC cost

    • Dev comments: We like the Bait Crate, but with recent changes to the economy, the 100 FUNC price tag was steep. By making it free to call once, it becomes a guaranteed option to try to hoodwink an opponent and put them at a significant disadvantage.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for Brutus Perk applying more bonus damage than was intended

    • Dev comments: Brutus was applying a larger bonus than it should have, this has been fixed.