Perky Turkey Snowball Fight #96202

Greetings Contestants!

There’s a cold wind blowing on the island, and the inhabitants are ready to get their kill-streaks on. There’s so much to be thankful for: Big bones, big lungs, ol’ painless, leg days, even deep digs.

What’s that? You didn’t hear that some old favorites are making a comeback with a twist? Well quit gobbling that buttery corn cob and read on!


The new patch will be released on Tuesday, November 22nd. Servers will be down starting at 8AM Eastern for *up to* 4 hours.


This time out we’re focusing on a couple of key aspects of the game: Aggressive vs. Passive play and melee combat mechanics.

Aggressive play (which is inherently risky) is not adequately incentivized and leaves the victor vulnerable to vulturing, while passive play (which is dull to spectate and can lead to crowded end-of-match scenarios) presents no major risks or downsides. While we do not intend to eliminate passive play, we do want it to be a risky choice, so we’ve implemented the following changes:

  • Kill Perks. As you achieve kills in a match, you unlock a series of perks that improve your combat effectiveness for the rest of the match. While we expect combat skill will remain the primary determining factor in most fights, these Kill Perks will give the edge to an aggressive player.

  • Economy Changes. FUNC rewards for kills have been increased and FUNC gained from recycling has been decreased. Late-Match Airdrop costs have increased. This means expensive equipment will be more difficult to obtain for passive players.

  • Vulture Reduction. Default health-on-kill has been increased and the radius of combat audio has been decreased. This makes vulturing more difficult and mitigates one of the major risk factors in taking on a fight.

It is worth noting that the Kill Perks system is an experimental prototype and is likely to see changes in the future. If this system proves popular, it offers an avenue for more of the game’s classic perks to return in a controlled fashion.

On the Melee Combat front, while the last iteration of timing changes (read: slower shove) was successful in its goal of making shoving somewhat risky, it came at the expense of a sluggish feel and jab-back. We want the game’s controls to feel sharp and responsive, and we generally want combat decisions to straddle a fine line between predictive (I expect my opponent to attack, so I’m going to block) and reactive (I can see my opponent is shoving, so I’m going to attack).

In order to make combat actions feel quick and responsive, we’ve reduced the time required to shove significantly and made some tweaks to blocking and attacking. All three of these actions are now identical in terms of timing. We have offset the speed of shoving by giving it a period of vulnerability. If a shoving player takes damage, he will experience a “mini-stagger,” which leaves him vulnerable to an additional jab.

With these changes, we are one big step closer to putting the finishing touches on the game’s foundation in preparation for the major update. We hope to have news for you on that front soon!

The biggest tournament ever for The Culling happened this weekend with over 125 of the best Culling all-stars battling it out for over $5,500 in prizes. Backstabs, grenades and BM galore gave us two new champions to add to the Cullmination banners!

First off, congratulations to the TWO-TIME champion kvason95 with the patient decisive win over former two time champion PumpgunLouis and front-runner FaKe. kvason95 breathless and exhausted vowed to use the prize money to help out his mother and he’s not sure what to do with the rest quite yet. Watch the finals moments here. 

Secondly, a HUUUUUUUUUUGEEE congratulations to TheOneXplicitz for his aggressive, bloodthirsty, and frankly terrifying win in the NA Finals. Xplicitz conquered some high level foes (with some added BM) and took out Bombie^ to be your NA Champion. The finish in the blood bowl Cullmunation can be watched here.

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And remember to join the Discord to hang out with the champions, Culling developers and other contestants!

We’ll see you on the island!


  • NEW: Kill Perks are now awarded to players when they achieve kills in a match:

    • 1st Kill: +10 health pool

    • 2nd Kill: +10 stamina pool

    • 3rd Kill: +10% damage

    • 4th Kill: +5% sprint speed

    • 5th Kill: Dig Deep (restores 15 health when taking fatal damage)

Balance and Gameplay

  • Melee Combat Mechanics

    • If a player takes damage while shoving, he is subject to a “mini-stagger” which is shorter in duration than a full stagger, but still grants the opponent an opportunity to attack

    • Reduced Shove animation duration

    • Tweaked timings of Shove, Jab, and Block to be consistent with each other

  • Economy

    • Increased FUNC Kill Reward to 60 (from 40)

    • Base recycle value of 10 for all manufactured items

    • Rocks and Sticks can no longer be recycled

    • Late Game Airdrop cost to 250 FUNC (from 200 FUNC)

  • Sledgehammer text and damage set to 10-30

    • Dev comments: Sledgehammer was previously dealing 9-27 damage, but the UI text was incorrect.

  • Reduce combat value of fists, rocks, sticks: 5-10 damage (from 5-15)

    • Dev comments: This is intended to add combat value to Tier 1 and Crafted melee weapons.

  • Duration of full blindness from blindness wound reduced to 2 seconds (from 3 seconds)

    • Dev comments: We’ve seen the effectiveness of a multi-smoke bomb strategy and want to take a bit of the sting out of being blind.

  • Increased base health award on kill from 15 to 30. Note: There is a known issue where this does not work properly in offline matches.

  • Reduced the distance from which combat actions can be heard

Bug Fixes and Polish

  • Fixed missing fireworks for Grab My Package

  • Reduced duration of Airdrop notification VO

    • Dev comments: A better long-term solution is in the works, but for now we’ve made these announcements less obtrusive.

  • Trump and Hillary masks retired. See you in 2020!