Lean, Mean Culling Machine! #95035

Greetings Contestants!

We’ve entered the month of October, which means running around in the woods wearing a mask is practically a normal thing to do. We know it’s a bit early, but we already have some tricks and treats up our sleeves and we can’t wait to share.

The new patch will be released on Wednesday, October 5th. Servers will be down starting at 8AM Eastern for *up to* 4 hours.

This is the biggest patch we’ve done in a while, so we’re offering a bit more explanation than usual. If you’re a fan of brevity, we’re even throwing in a TL;DR:

  • More than half of the perks have been removed from the game, including anything that has a major impact on combat effectiveness or movement speed.

  • Melee combat has received an important bug fix for blocking, along with minor timing tweaks to blocking and shoving.

  • The bleed wound can once again apply to armored opponents. You didn’t like the change in the last patch, so we reversed it.

  • We increased your movement speed by 10% across the board.

  • The X-plosive Runs stim now grants you +25% sprint speed, but lasts for 30 seconds.

  • Your combat actions no longer cost stamina and the Stamina Shot stim has been removed.

  • All Airdrops are unlocked by default (for now).

  • Several Airdrops have been removed, and several more have been adjusted, including Sapper.

  • It’s a lot easier to see things that fall on the ground.

The most exciting change here is to the perk list. We’ve strategically removed 25 perks from the game, including nearly all of the most popular choices.

Why? Frankly, because blanket offensive and defensive boosts are boring. Because a permanent 20% movement speed advantage is too strong to justify. And, because we want fights to be decided on the island, not in the Perk selection menu.

As the major update approaches (no, we don’t have a date to announce just yet) we want The Culling to be in lean, mean fighting shape. There are a few more areas we intend to revisit with upcoming patches, but in the meantime we’re eagerly awaiting the Cullmunity’s reaction.

We’ll see you on the island!

Halloween Hats!

  • Jack-o-Lantern and Goalie Mask are available to all contestants for a limited time!

Balance and Gameplay

  • Perks:

    • Removed the following Perks:

      • Armorer

      • Big Boned

      • Big Lungs

      • Bloodbath

      • Blowhard

      • Bomb Suit

      • Chopper

      • Dig Deep

      • Disability Insurance

      • Knuckle-dragger

      • Leather Hide

      • Leg Day

      • Longshot

      • Maniac

      • Ol' Painless

      • Recovery

      • Red Gunner

      • Runs with Knives

      • Sneaky Poker

      • Speedy Spear

      • Stunner

      • Submission

      • Thick Skin

      • Tough Mother

      • Wound Less

    • Chemist now extends the duration of stims by 25% (previously 100%)

    • Golden Arm only applies to Spears (previously applied to all weapon types)

    • Master Crafter no longer provides a damage bonus, but continues to reduce crafting time by 50%

    • Trapper no longer applies Expose wound, but continues to reduce trap arm and disarm times by 75%

    • Dev comments: What we’ve found with our old perk list is that if you don’t make the “right” choices (according to whatever the latest meta is) prior to the start of the match, you will be at a disadvantage. Once you’re in a match, it’s difficult to know what advantage your opponent has or how to respond. We’ve concluded that the best thing for The Culling is to move away from perks that simply improve your offense, defense, or movement speed in all situations. Along similar lines, we’ve removed perks that affect stamina and wounds. The following perks remain:

      • Angry Octopus

      • Backpacker

      • Basher

      • Bow Flexer

      • Brutus

      • Cannibal

      • Chemist

      • Golden Arm

      • Immunity

      • Inhuman

      • Load Dropper

      • Man Tracker

      • Mangler

      • Master Crafter

      • Moneybags

      • Regenerator

      • Stealthy

      • Trapper

  • Base player movement speed increased by 10% (affects all movement modes)

    • Dev comments: A large proportion of players were using at least one movement speed perk. With those perks out of the equation, the only available boost to movement speed comes from the X-plosive Runs stim. This left us free to increase the base movement speed to allow faster map traversal, which improves the feel of the game.

  • Stamina:

    • Combat actions no longer cost stamina (but do pause stamina regeneration briefly)

    • Reduced intensity of low-stamina screen effect

    • Dev comments: We like what stamina brings to the table in terms of chase situations (especially with the removal of run speed perks), but many players found it frustrating to try to manage stamina during combat. Stamina management is still a factor, but combat actions will no longer drain your stamina.

  • Stims:

    • X-plosive Runs grants +25% sprint speed for 30s (previously +15% for 2 minutes)

      • Dev comments: Enhanced movement speed is extremely valuable in The Culling. We would rather see players use bonus speed strategically in short bursts rather than for sustained periods, so the intensity of this stim has improved to allow for the same max movement speed we had previously, but the duration has been significantly reduced).

    • Stamina Shot has been removed

      • Dev comments: To better assess changes to perks, stamina, and X-plosive runs, we’ve removed the Stamina Shot. We never had a properly funny name for it anyway.

    • Orange Juice improves movement speed for 30 seconds (bonus damage and damage mitigation last for two minutes after OJ is applied), is no longer found in Airdrops.

      • Dev comments: Orange Juice still offers the benefit of all the other stims at once, but the movement speed element is limited to 30 seconds, just like the revised X-plosive Runs stim.

  • All Airdrops are now available by default

    • Dev comments: Our upcoming major update will see changes to Airdrops and how we award them. In the meantime, we know some players are struggling with the current scheme, which can make it very difficult to unlock that one drop you’re looking for. In the interim, we’re allowing all players to access all Airdrops without unlocking.

  • Airdrop Changes:

    • Juggler, Pothead, and Hoodlum have been removed

    • Medic now contains Iron-4-Skin instead of Orange Juice

    • Stamina Shot has been removed from Survivalist, Lumberjack, and Archer

    • Sapper now includes 1 Dynamite, 1 Explosive Mine, 1 X-plosive Runs stim (previously included 3 sticks of dynamite and Iron-4-Skin)

    • Bait Crate now costs 150 FUNC and deals 50 damage (previously 50 FUNC and 25 damage)

    • Archer now costs 75 FUNC and contains Crude Crafted Armor instead of stims (from 125 FUNC)

    • Hawk’s Eye now costs 225 FUNC (from 175 FUNC)

    • Demon Hunter now costs 125 FUNC (from 175 FUNC)

    • Slugger now contains Crude Crafted Armor instead of X-plosive Runs

    • Dev comments: Juggler and Hoodlum have been removed, as they were targeted at specific perks that have been cut or modified. Pothead was removed because we no longer offer Orange Juice in Airdrops. Sapper also lands a step down after inspiring rage with its previous dynamite-heavy loadout. We’ve heard several suggestions that we increase the damage done by Bait Crate, so we’re giving that a try as well. It's worth noting that we've decided to start treating the Recurve Bow as a Tier 2 weapon, Auto Bow as a Tier 3, and Compound Bow as Tier 4. This is reflected in where these items spawn and what their Airdrops cost.

  • Armor no longer blocks application of bleed wound

    • Dev comments: Prior to the latest patch, blades were dealing far more damage per match than any other weapon type, so we looked at several options to bring them closer in line. We decided to allow armor to block the application of the bleed wound, knowing that bleed is a major factor contributing to the value of blades. While blades have settled comfortably into the #2 position (behind bludgeons) in terms of average damage per match, the community has not embraced the change, so we’re reversing it. We expect that the new changes to perks will have an influence on weapon selection, so we’re eager to see the outcome.

  • Blocking: Minimum duration increased to 0.5 seconds (from 0.25 seconds)

    • Dev comments: When we removed the vulnerability to shove during the exit from your block animation in the last patch, it became much harder to shove a player who was repeatedly tapping the block key, which in turn made the “block baiting” tactic more effective. By extending the minimum block duration by a fraction of a second, it will now be possible to react to an opponent’s block with a shove, making block baiting more risky.

  • Shove: “Time between shots” increased to 0.2 seconds (from 0.1 seconds)

    • Dev comments: This change effectively extends the overall time of a shove by 0.1 seconds. Shoving an opponent who is not blocking has never been terribly risky because there is very little time for your opponent to punish a missed shove with a jab. By extending the shove time slightly, we extend the window in which an opponent can recognize your failed shove and counter with an attack.

  • Blowgun

    • Reduce blowgun damage to 1

    • Reduce max ammo to 3

    • Dev comments: We’ve seen some abuse of blowguns by skilled players, so the Blowhard perk has been removed (it allowed the blowgun to deal significant damage). We've also reduced base damage and ammo count.

  • Increased visibility for all dropped items, including some items that were not receiving any highlight when dropped, such as the Crafted Bow and Crafted Bandage

    • Dev comments: By popular demand, we’re making it easier to find stuff that falls on the ground. The effect might be a little too intense, but we wanted to err on the side of visibility for this pass.

  • Compound Bow no longer appears in Holospawners

  • Default character presets have been updated to reflect changes to perks and Airdrops.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for Reinforced Crafted Armor not visibly disappearing after it is destroyed

  • Fix for issue where First-person block animation can appear to drop before the block has completed in an online match if the block button is tapped briefly

    • Dev comments: After hearing strong community feedback from the last patch regarding the change we made to blocking, we investigated the mechanic more closely and found this bug. The net effect was that a player who quickly tapped the block key would see their block drop almost instantly, even though the other player would see their block come fully into position for 0.25s and then drop. This bug was leading to situations where players felt they were being staggered by a shove, despite their block not being up.

  • Fixed cases of explosive barrels that were floating above the ground