You Say “Caltrops,” I say “Cow Traps” #95482

Greetings Contestants!

Ghouls are lurking, ghosts are twerking, it’s that spooky time of year we all love and have come to know as Culloween.

After a series of big changes that have set the stage for the future of The Culling, this patch should feel like a gentle tropical breeze by comparison. The highlight of this week’s update is a shift into how caltrops operate. Rather than sending players into a bloody rage, we’ve increased their cost and decreased their bleed so that contestants aren’t screaming bloody murder.

The new patch will be released on Wednesday, October 26th. Servers will be down starting at 8AM Eastern for *up to* 4 hours. 

Over the past few weeks we’ve made significant advancements with how The Culling plays at all levels and we’re adding several new changes in this week’s patch that continue to enhance the island’s competitive nature. Among other things, we’ve set our sights on improving the balance on ranged weapons, we’ve made Red Crates... crate again, and we’ve tweaked the economy to make sure that the island isn’t being hotboxed by smoke bombs. It can’t be 420 all day every day!

These may seem like small adjustments, but they’re positioning The Culling for bigger and better changes in the near future. Oh, and if you’re a glutton for Early Access punishment, don’t worry, we have big plans in the works for changes to the economy and match progression that aren’t quite ready to roll out.

As always, we are marching tirelessly toward the major update and we’ll let you know as soon as we have more concrete news.

We’ll see you on the island!

The Culling is nothing without the Cullmmunity and we want to thank Amanduuuh38 and everyone who was involved with, and supported this past Sunday’s EU Culloween tournament. Seeing the incredible response to the tournament gets our adrenaline pumping almost as much watching some of The Culling’s top players go head-to-head.

If you missed the fun, you’re awful and you should be ashamed of yourself. BUT WAIT! You can redeem your transgressions November 18-20 when the Cullclusion tournament goes live.

You sign up and get more details on the Cullclusion here.


Balance and Gameplay

  • Crafted Caltrops

    • Bleed applied by Caltrops is now * instead of **

    • Crafting cost is now 6 FUNC (from 4 FUNC)

      • Crafted Snare cost has been reduced by 2 FUNC to compensate, Blowgun cost remains the same, effectively increasing its total cost by 2 FUNC

    • Individual caltrops now have 5 hit points (previously 15 hit points)

    • Caltrops can now be destroyed by stepping on them, even if the player is in the brief immunity period after triggering one

    • Reduced individual caltrop count to 12 (from 15)

    • Dev comments: We love that players love using caltrops, but they are frustrating to deal with in certain situations. We’ve made several adjustments with the expectation that they will remain useful, but won’t pack quite as much punch and will be easier to clear from an area.

  • Red Crates

    • Adjusted placement of some Red Crates and Explosive Barrels to prevent cases where they could spawn extremely close to each other

    • Red Crates now contain the following:

      • Tier 3 melee weapons

      • Guns (with half a magazine of ammunition)

      • Compound Bow (with no arrows)

      • Reinforced Crafted Armor

      • Hemo Blast stim

    • Dev comments: Although finding a Tier 4 melee weapon in a Red Crate was rare, it had the potential to dramatically change a match. We’ve guaranteed that the minimum time needed to open one will be a bit longer (requiring you to search farther for an Explosive Barrel). The contents will always be useful (especially if you open one early in a match), but the small chance of a Tier 4 melee weapon has been removed.

  • Guns

    • Zoom of Rifle increased in aimed mode

    • Rifle hip fire accuracy increased slightly

    • .357 Magnum aimed accuracy decreased slightly

    • All guns have a base recycle value of 30 FUNC, but the value is increased if the gun contains ammunition when recycled

    • Dev comments: We’re pleased with the small bump in popularity guns have seen since the last patch (they are up to an average of 4% of damage dealt in a match, compared to 2% previously). These changes represent minor tweaks for consistency and aren’t meant to have a major influence on gun use.

  • Bows

    • Crafted Bow Crafted Ammo costs 3 FUNC for 6 arrows (previously 5)

    • Compound Bow Crafted Ammo costs 10 FUNC for 6 arrows (previously 5)

    • Auto Bow recycle value reduced to 20 (previously 25)

    • Compound Bow recycle value reduced to 25 (previously 30)

    • Zoom of Compound Bow reduced in aimed mode

    • Dev comments: Bows have also enjoyed a small increase in use since the last patch. We’ve made a few economy changes related to bows so that recycle values are consistent across tiers of weapons and to reflect the relative firepower of a bow in its arrow crafting cost.

  • Crafted Smoke Bombs cost 10 FUNC (previously 5)

    • Dev comments: Increased crafting cost will force players to think a bit harder about making one of these, and will substantially limit their ability to fill a backpack with them.

  • Alarm Gun ammo can be crafted from rocks (previously explosive barrels)

    • We have bigger plans in the works for the Alarm Gun, this change is just the tip of the iceberg!

    • Edit: Alarm Gun damage reduced to 1 (from 10)

      • Dev comments: With the ammo crafting change, this puts the Alarm Gun squarely in the "Utility Item" category, so damage has been reduced.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented blocking from being effective against certain ranged weapons