Boom Goes the Dynamite! #95350

Greetings Contestants!

The new patch will be released on Wednesday, October 19th. Servers will be down starting at 8AM Eastern for *up to* 4 hours.

If you’ve been paying attention to The Culling lately, it has probably been clear that we are currently working on two parallel tracks. Internally, we’re adding major new systems, optimizing and polishing in anticipation of the biggest update we’ve ever released. We don’t have a date for you yet, but we’ve got Frank living on stale bread crusts and rusty tap water until he wraps it up. We promise!

As many of you may have suspected, over the past few weeks we’ve been making a series of important changes to the live build that are intended to put game into a clean and balanced state that will serve as a strong foundation for future features.

At its core, the essence of The Culling’s combat is melee, but ranged weapons, explosives, and traps allow well-rounded players to gain the upper hand before things get up-close and personal. We’re making adjustments to reinforce that as we lead into our major update.

A long-standing statistic we’ve observed is that melee combat is responsible for more than 80% of damage dealt in an average match. While that doesn’t constitute a crisis, it means that many contestants are completely ignoring some of the tools in their toolbox. To entice players into strapping a gun to their belt, clipping a grenade to their suspenders, or slinging a bow over their shoulder, we’ve revisited balance for bows, guns, and explosives. Additionally, we’ve made them easier and more predictable to obtain in a match.

Our hope is that players will see Airdrops as the primary path to their favorite melee weapon and Holo Spawners will be the preferred method to obtain a powerful ranged weapon or explosive to round out their inventory. Airdrops focused on ranged weapons have had their costs reduced significantly, but players who choose these drops will generally have a harder time obtaining a tier 3 or tier 4 melee weapon in the match.

It is also worth noting that while we’re making some necessary economy modifications with this patch, we still have a major economy shift coming in a future update in which we’ll address some common gripes about time-based FUNC rewards, easy access to high-end Airdrops, and general match progression. Hold tight and stay tuned!

As always, we appreciate your feedback and thank you for your patience as we move towards the major update.

We’ll see you on the island.

BONUS SECTION!!!!!! *Bwa-bwa-bwaaaa* *ding-ding-ding* *other alarmingly-exciting noises*

The first Cullmunity-run EU tournament is just around the corner and is set to scare up a storm just in time for Culloween! Read about it here.

EDIT: The following changes were made after the initial patch notes release:

  • .357 Magnum rate of fire reduced to 0.6 seconds between shots (from 0.2 seconds)
  • Guns purchased from Holo Spawners now contain a full magazine of ammunition (previously contained half a magazine when not obtained from an Airdrop)

Balance and Gameplay

  • Bows

    • Crafted Bow Damage: 6-12 (from 5-10)

    • Recurve Bow Damage: 8-16 (from 7-14)

    • Auto Bow Damage: 8 (from 5)

    • Compound Bow Damage: 10-20 (from 9-18)

    • Dev comments: Our last update appears to have succeeded in terms of increasing bow accuracy without significantly changing how much damage bows do per match, but we’ve heard plenty of feedback that bows feel a bit weak. In response, we’re bumping up damage slightly on all bows and we’re making them more obtainable by treating the Recurve Bow and Auto Bow as Tier 2 bows, and treating the Compound Bow as Tier 3.

  • Guns

    • .357 Magnum Damage: 25 (from 28)

    • SMG Damage: 10 (from 13)

    • Rifle Damage: 25 (from 48)

    • Guns no longer apply bleed wound

    • Rifle zoom increased to allow longer-range accuracy

    • Blocking reduces damage from guns by 50%

    • Dev comments: Guns have always been very powerful, but they’ve occupied a small niche (on average, players do 3X more damage in a given match with their fists than they do with guns). The only reliable way to obtain a gun is through an Airdrop, but those have commanded a premium price and generally require players to forgo a high-end melee weapon. We’re making it easier to get your hands on guns, but we have also lowered their lethality. The rifle in particular is now more focused on being able to land shots from a significant distance, but no longer deals crushing damage. We’ve also made guns blockable, which gives skilled players an opportunity to mitigate gun damage if they can anticipate it in advance.

  • Explosives

    • Crafted Explosive Damage: 30 (from 35)

    • Explosive Mine Damage: 40 (from 65)

    • Remote Explosive Damage: 60 (from 95)

    • Impact Grenade Damage: 40 (from 50)

    • Dynamite Damage: 60 (from 75)

    • Explosives no longer apply bleed wound

    • Normalized blast radius and damage fall-off for all explosive weapons and traps

    • Dev comments: In a similar vein as guns, explosives are generally difficult to obtain but highly lethal. We’re reducing the lethality somewhat in order to make these items easier to obtain. We’ve also made the behavior of all the explosives identical in terms of blast radius and damage fall-off in order to make them more predictable and allow for better feedback from users.

  • Economy

    • Green Crates

      • 50% chance to receive a Tier 2 melee weapon

      • 25% chance to receive to receive a Tier 2 ranged weapon

        • Recurve Bow

        • Auto Bow

      • 25% chance to receive an explosive trap

        • Explosive Mine

        • Remote Explosive

      • Dev comments: Green Crates remain a reliable method for obtaining a Tier 2 melee weapon early in a match, but they also offer a good chance of grabbing a solid Tier 2 bow or explosive trap.

    • Holo Spawners

      • 50% chance to receive a Tier 3 ranged weapon

        • Compound Bow

        • .357 Magnum

        • SMG

        • Rifle

      • 25% chance to receive a thrown explosive

        • Dynamite

        • Impact Grenade

      • 25% chance to receive a utility item

        • Rekt-Em-Juice

        • Tactical Body Armor

        • Hemo Blast

      • Dev comments: Holo Spawners were previously focused on providing players with access to Tier 3 melee weapons, but we’ve found that most players would rather pursue an Airdrop that offers better value. We’ve decided to to make Holo Spawners more focused on obtaining a powerful ranged weapon.

    • Airdrops

      • Demon Hunter costs 75 FUNC (previously 125)

      • Hawk’s Eye costs 125 FUNC (previously 175)

      • The Imp costs 175 FUNC (previously 225)

        • The Imp no longer includes Iron-4-Skin

      • Commando costs 250 FUNC (previously 300)

      • Hunter costs 225 FUNC (previously 300)

      • Five-Oh costs 225 FUNC (previously 300)

      • SWAT costs 225 FUNC (previously 300)

      • Bandito costs 225 FUNC (previously 325)

      • Pirate costs 250 FUNC (previously 325)

      • Sniper costs 225 FUNC (previously 325)

      • Dev comments: With the shift of Auto Bows to Tier 2 and Compound Bows and guns to Tier 3, we’ve re-priced the ranged weapon Airdrops accordingly. We expect players will continue to focus on Airdrops for high-end melee weapons and utilize Holo Spawners to purchase ranged weapons.


Misc. Changes

  • Suicide button assignable (for Private Matches)

    • Dev comments: There is now an assignable control (unassigned by default) that will allow you to instantly commit suicide in a Private Match. This is a temporary tool to make it easier for the host of a tournament match to transition immediately into spectator mode without disrupting the match.

  • Orange Juice has been renamed as Rekt-Em-Juice

    • Dev comments: By popular demand, we’ve changed Orange Juice to the name that we thought might be too juvenile and disgusting.

  • Stealthy Shot has been renamed as Silent But Deadly

    • Dev comments: When we converted the Stealthy perk into a stim, we didn’t spend much time thinking up a clever name. Now we’ve spent 30 seconds on it so we can move on to more pressing matters :)