Quality of Life #102159

Greetings Contestants!

We are officially less than a month away from Summer. And you know what they say: sun’s out, guns out.
Unlike some secret agents we’re not licensed kill, but we do have a license to patch, which is nearly as cool.

[Servers will be down on Thursday May 25th at 8AM EST and maintenance will continue for up to four hours.]

Since our last update, we’ve made great strides in improving various aspects of gameplay and addressing key issues that have come to our attention. By utilizing feedback from within the community, we have been able to address many quality of life items that simply make the moment-to-moment, match-to-match experience better overall.

Players can expect to see changes to hot-button items such as attack queuing, matchmaking, tutorials and more. We look forward to hearing the response to this update and we will see you in the arena!

Major Changes and Fixes

  • Matchmaker now heavily favors Classic matches, generally will not include solo players in teams matches under normal circumstances. The result is that without applying filters, solo players will generally see classic solo matches and pre-made teams will see classic teams matches

  • Fixed bug that allowed multiple attacks to be queued simultaneously under certain conditions

  • Fixed a bug that prevented certain actions from being interrupted when taking damage (i.e. applying a Med Kit)

  • Fixed a bug with input system that would sometimes queue an additional action when it shouldn’t

  • Fixed multiple bugs related to control input on end of match screen

  • Fixed bug where teammate highlight would not always appear

  • Bows are less accurate when fired while airborne

  • Fixed bug where Man Tracker would sometimes fail to function

  • Improved network connection flow to better communication connection status and automatically reconnect when necessary

  • New Player Experience Improvements (based on Free Weekend feedback)

    • New players are loaded directly into basic tutorial when starting the game for the first time

    • After exiting a tutorial level, players are returned to the Training menu rather than the main menu

    • Added Jump Start perk - new default where players will start the match with a random Tier 1 weapon

    • Lightning Round airdrops are automatically delivered at match start to avoid players disregarding the Airdrop landing pads


  • Tweaked gas iris speed slightly to attain Standing Room Only as countdown timer expires

  • Bridge airdrop landing pads removed in Lightning Rounds

  • FUNC piles no longer occasionally spawn weapons

  • Polished visuals at start of match for a smoother transition

  • Updated Holo Spawner art assets

  • Revised low-stamina state screen effects

  • Drop Your Bridges now automatically delivers a random airdrop rather than giving you free access to your own

  • Increased Chainsaw damage

  • Several adjustments to clothing colors

  • Fix for bug where Loot PInata would fail to spawn its drone

  • Gold Rush event occurs less frequently

  • Reduced damage slightly for fast weapons

  • Facial hair once again reflects selected hair color

  • Adjusted match pacing: Adjusted settings for player attrition triggering late-match phase. Gas closure begins 5 minutes after Late Match phase initiates.

  • Weapons obtained from random Airdrops now show the player’s equipped weapon skin

  • Updating UI to not display unneeded elements in Survival Mode

  • Big Boned reward perk is now based on total accumulated FUNC rather than current FUNC

  • Holo Spawner in Survival Mode now properly deducts 50 FUNC when used

  • Removed Impact Grenade from Slugger Lightning Round Airdrop

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where compass marker would not disappear when event ended

  • Fixed bug that allowed players to attempt to spectate after match ended

  • Fixed bug related to controller interaction on customization screens that could potentially lose UI focus

  • Fixed bug that allowed game control inputs to function while menus were active

  • Fixed tooltip that showed incorrect weapon speed for Survival Axe

  • Fixed bug where FUNC barrels spawned in Lightning Rounds on Prison map

  • Fixed Airdrop description text to properly indicate armor values

  • Fixed bug where UI lost focus when exiting queue using controller

  • Fixed bug where controller inputs would sometimes double-fire in menus

  • Fixed bug where Advanced Survival mode would stop spawning waves instead of being endless, increased difficulty of later waves

  • Fixed bug where Iron-4-Skin found in Lightning Round airdrop could be used multiple times

  • Fixed bug where player would not play death animation if they died to suicide

  • Fixed bug where players could get stuck in a loop if they failed to login properly

  • Fixed bug that prevented blood splatters from appearing

  • Fixed bug that sometimes prevented players from seeing their equipped cosmetic items in online matches

Known Issues

  • Our last update introduced some stability issues that we’re continuing to investigate

  • We’ve addressed an issue where the Linux / Steam OS build would fail to launch, but we have a persistent problem related to the controller that we hope to address soon

  • Some players are unable to join custom lobbies consistently

Combo Breaker: Stagger Returns

Greetings Contestants!

It’s April and we’re thawing from a winter freeze and feeling the excitement of sunshine and new potential. Earlier this month we leaked a little bit of info about what’s to come with The Culling, and we weren’t fooling.

What’s old is new again, and what’s new is newer than ever before.

Point blank: Stagger is back.

[Servers will be down on Wednesday April 26th at 8AM EST and maintenance will continue for up to four hours.]

But that’s not all! Along with the Stagger comes a host of new tweaks and variations to help improve the flow of gameplay and return some of the “show” in the game show that is The Culling. Heck, we even went in and threw in a new training mode for good measure!

Many of these changes are based on key feedback from the community and we’re excited to hear what you think about them once they go live!

Until then..

See you in the arena.



  • New Combat Mechanics

    • Return of stagger on block: Players are now staggered if they attack a blocking opponent (replaces Weakness and Feeble wounds)

      • Dev comments: The nature of Weakness/Feeble created scenarios where it was nearly impossible to overcome a HP disadvantage because the Weakened player was capable of forcing damage trades. We want players to have the opportunity to overcome any HP deficit through skillful play- Stagger creates that opportunity.

    • Stagger duration is now 1.2s (previously 1.7s)

      • Dev comments: The original rationale for replacing stagger with Weakness was that at nearly 2 seconds, Stagger was disruptive to the flow of a combat encounter, making the action feel stilted and forcing players of all skill levels to spend too much time in a stunned state. Cutting the Stagger duration by half a second makes it feel more like a large hit reaction than an extended stun.

    • New combo system — allows you to follow up any successful combat action (block, attack, or shove) with an additional action very quickly

      • Dev comments: Stagger times were previously set to 1.7 seconds in order to give players enough time to capitalize with an attack and avoid a jab-back when the stagger wore off. In order to reduce Stagger time significantly, we need a tool that allows players to avoid an inevitable jab-back.
        The new combo system allows a skilled player to punish the Staggered player and transition quickly into a block if they expect a jab-back. This generally increases the skill ceiling for combat by requiring better positioning and timing to capitalize on a Stagger (a fully charged attack is no longer guaranteed), as well as creating new decisions where a players must quickly decide how to combo their actions. A side benefit is that skilled play is rewarded with faster and more responsive combat actions.

  • New Modes: Offline Survival (Basic and Advanced)

    • Dev comments: This mode was born of a desire to give new and veteran players an offline space where they can develop their skills in an environment that concentrates the action into a fast-paced battle for survival against wave after wave of AI bots. This takes place in a brand-new arena with custom-tailored Culminators.

  • New Items

    • Lung Butter Stim: Increases stamina pool by 10 points

    • Hemo Drip Stim: Recovers 5 HP instantly, and an additional 20hp over 20 seconds

  • Updated Economy for Classic Matches

    • Holospawner contents are now hidden until purchased

      • Dev comments: Though strategic, previous iteration of Holospawners made it too easy for a player to obtain a gun, with the result that guns were almost guaranteed to appear in most matches. We want Holospawners to represent a bit of a gamble rather than a sure-fire path to a specific item.

    • Holospawner contents and costs update with each match phase (Early: 50 FUNC, Mid 100 FUNC, Late 200 FUNC)

      • Dev comments: We want Holospawners to have meaning for everyone throughout the match, rather than only being available to players who’ve accumulated several kills. With the new scheme, there are several viable Airdrop/Holospawner strategies, with a healthy dose of RNG thrown into the mix to keep things interesting.

    • Airdrop availability is now based on accumulated FUNC (previously required players to to spend their FUNC to call an Airdrop)

      • Dev comments: The goal here is to encourage use of all economy sinks (Crafting, Health Stations, Holospawners) throughout the match, rather than requiring players to hoard their FUNC in order to access a Late-match Airdrop. The net result is that Airdrops will be more accessible and players will be free to spend their FUNC without worrying how that impacts Airdrop availability.

    • Recycle values increased for many items

      • Dev comments: While it’s good to have systems that promote aggressive play (we don’t want everyone hiding in a bush until the end of the match), we think the early match scavenging process is an important part of the game that needs to offer real value in terms of pursuing an expensive Airdrop or Holospawner.

    • Kills reward 45 FUNC (previously 60)

      • Dev comments: This goes hand-in-hand with the increased recycle values change. We’re shifting the balance of the economy to be more balanced in terms of rewarding all types of active play, not just killing sprees.

    • Airdrop Costs adjusted (75 FUNC for Utility, 100 FUNC for Mid-Match, 150-200 FUNC for Late-Match, 0 for Bait Crate)

    • All Airdrops can now be called a maximum of one time

    • 10 Green Crates spawn per classic match (previously 20)

      • Dev comments: The goal here is to make Tier 2 weapons more valuable in the Early phase of the match due to scarcity. The only way to get a Tier 2 early will be to purchase it in a Holospawner (costs 50 FUNC, not guaranteed) or to find one in a Green Crate (few of them in the match, also not guaranteed).

    • Green Crates are no longer found inside of buildings

    • Tier 2 weapons no longer spawn in lockers

    • Fewer duplicate items found within a building

    • Buildings offer better consistency in terms of number of items per building, based on size

  • Updated Match Progression for Classic mode

    • Match events now trigger based on player attrition (with a timer as a backup)

      • Mid-match event/airdrops begin when 25% of players have died (or after 6:00 elapsed)

      • Late-match event/airdrops begin when 50% of players have died (or after 9:00 elapsed)

      • Dev comments: We are confident in our approach to match and weapon progression - every match gets more lethal over time and every tier of weapon is viable, depending on how far the match has progressed. This new system ensures that no matter whether a match is aggressive or passive, Mid- and Late-match Airdrops represent viable choices and the match events are guaranteed to to reward players who successfully participate.

  • Armor now absorbs 10%, 15%, or 20% of incoming damage, depending on armor type (previously a flat rate of 50%), armor HP remains unchanged

    • Dev comments: The way armor worked previously almost guaranteed that it would be fully utilized in a single fight, meaning that if you survived a fight but encountered an armored vulture, your HP deficit was magnified. Armor effectively extended your HP pool by a large  amount for a single encounter. Armor now has less impact on an individual fight by offering a maximum of 20% damage reduction, and will now typically last over the course of multiple encounters.

  • Kill Perks are now Reward Perks

    • Kill Another player: Ol’ Painless (+10% damage dealt)

    • Travel 2000 meters: Big Lungs (+10 stamina pool)

    • Collect 100 FUNC: Big Boned (+10 health pool)

    • Dev comments: In keeping with the economy changes geared towards promoting activity rather than only rewarding kills, Kill Perks have been refactored.

  • New Airdrops Added

    • 10 new themed mid-match airdrops containing T2 weapons and additional items

    • 9 new themed late-match airdrops containing T3 weapons and additional items

  • New Input System to provide consistently responsive controls and eliminate bugs related to state changes

  • Full Controller Support

    • All game menus support controller navigation

    • Adjustable horizontal/vertical look sensitivity

    • Horizontal/vertical look axes can be inverted

    • Adjustable aim sensitivity assist

    • Adjustable rotational aim assist

    • Adjustable aim assist lock duration

    • Dual-zone look sensitivity

    • Multiple controller layouts

  • Updated Melee Weapon Balance

    • Damage has been updated for all melee weapons based on the following scheme (note that individual weapons deviate slightly from these values):

      • Fists, Rocks Sticks: 4-8

      • Crafted: 4-13

      • T1: 5-15

      • T2: 6-18

      • T3: 7-22

      • T4: 8-27

    • Dev comments: With the new combat changes, fights tend to be faster-paced, so this was a good opportunity to revisit weapon damage numbers.  We tried to follow a few rules of thumb: Having a weapon provides a tremendous advantage vs. being unarmed. A manufactured T1 has a small advantage over crafted - otherwise crafted is always the go-to choice because it costs less (vs. the recycle value of a T1) and allows you to choose which weapon type you want (no RNG element).
      The magnitude of the step from one tier to the next grows with each tier, which helps incentivize going for the next higher tier despite the additional cost. The top damage-dealer of a given tier is never better than the worst damage-dealer of the next tier up, regardless of wounds (the last iteration had some issues with this).

  • Added several new spots where players can find T1 melee weapons (replaces FUNC piles that randomly spawned with T2 melee weapons)

  • General

    • Framerate optimizations

    • Load time optimizations

    • Major lighting pass including a new filmic tonemapper

    • Polish and improvements to Survival Island and Cul County Correctional maps

    • New CHAS voice calls

    • Increased number of bots in offline matches to 15

    • Fixed bug where changing user settings would re-apply default settings - often resulting in unintended/undesired graphics settings

    • Headshots ignore armor

    • Various bot AI improvements

    • HUD UI refinements

    • Crafted Explosives are no longer available in Lightning Rounds

    • Fixed display bug with hours played on profile screen that caused it to reset after 24 hours

    • Fixed several stability issues that could lead to crashes or hangs

    • Improved character hair visuals

    • Drop My Bridges now awards a random airdrop (previously allowed a player to call their airdrop for free)

    • Backstab bonus  damage has been removed by default, Brutus perk now grants a +25% bonus (previously +50%)

      • Dev comments: With the new combo system, backstabs typically allow for multiple hits to land quickly, which serves as a built-in bonus.

    • Lightning Mode Airdrops adjusted to remove guns and explosives from several drops

  • Dev comments: Lightning Rounds are meant to be a fast-paced alternative to Classic matches, with a few novelty Airdrops that really shake things up from time to time. A large proportion of the Lightning Airdrops contained a gun and/or an explosive, which meant that too many Airdrops had the “novelty” flavor. We’ve adjusted a handful of them so that the overall list is a little more traditional.
    • Replaced temporary Airdrop landing pad music

Filters Hotfix #100052

Greetings Contestants!

We’ve just pushed a patch that enables filtering of game modes.

By default, “Quick Play” will queue you for all available modes, but the Queue Filters available from the Play menu will allow you to set preferences for Solo vs. Teams and Classic vs. Lightning. When options are Green in the UI it means you’re willing to queue for those modes. Black means those modes are filtered and you will not be put in those matches.

Be aware that the matchmaker will always respect your filters, meaning you will not be placed in games that don’t match your preferences. Fewer filters will generally mean faster queue times.


  • Queue Filters are now active - players can choose to filter solo/teams and classic/lightning

  • Fixes to allow matchmaker filters to work properly with the new back-end matchmaker system

  • Tanto knife now properly behaves as a ** speed weapon (previously behaved as a *** speed weapon)

  • Classic matches will now start with as few as 8 players in the queue (previous minimum was 12 players to promote more timely queues.


Acquitted on all Charges #99828

Greetings Contestants!

Spring has officially sprung and new life is beginning to bud. That means that change is afoot, and The Culling isn’t excluded in nature’s plans. There are a lot of exciting things coming to the island in the near future and hopefully you’ve had a chance to check out the latest Roadmap Update.

This week’s patch is no exception. Contestants can look forward to a multitude of improvements at all levels of gameplay and we’re beyond thrilled to share them with the cullmunity.

Servers will be down on Wednesday March 22nd
 at 8AM EST and maintenance will continue for up to four hours.

With that said there is one thing we need to address. With any change comes a certain level of uncertainty. We’ve run into some last-minute bugs while implementing the filtering system. Rather than pushing these live in this state, we’ll be working on them for a little bit longer to make sure the system works as close to intended as possible once live.

This means that Filters will be released after this patch. We do not predict a long wait and we will keep you updated in the coming days as to the highly-anticipated feature’s arrival.


On the bright side, much like BShar at a donut eating contest, we were able to cram a few more items into this patch than we expected.

We’re looking forward to seeing the reception to these new changes and look forward to reading your constructive feedback.

See you on the island!


  • Combat

    • Charged melee attacks can no longer be charged indefinitely. Charged attacks execute automatically. There is an Overcharge period during which an attack can be held after it is fully charged. This period varies based on a weapon’s speed rating:

      • Fast (***) weapons execute the attack immediately after reaching full charge

      • Normal (**) weapons have an Overcharge period of 0.2s

      • Slow (*) weapons have an Overcharge period of 0.5s

      • Dev comments: The ability to hold a charged attack indefinitely led to stalemate situations where one player held a charged attack while the other held block. The charged attack state (coupled with the ability to quickly cancel into a block) was incredibly powerful - a brief mistake by a blocking opponent could be punished heavily. Why are we forcing the attack to execute once it has been initiated? Using the rock, paper, scissors paradigm, it’s important that players commit to an action when they take it. The system includes a minimum block time and a long shove animation so that players who take those actions are at risk if they made the wrong choice. Attacks are no different. If you choose to charge an attack, you’re taking a risk and your opponent deserves the opportunity to capitalize on a mistake. Our goal is for the neutral state to be the default during combat - forcing players to make predictive and reactive decisions based on their opponent’s patterns and actions. An added benefit of this change is to make weapon speed ratings more meaningful in terms of combat mechanics.

    • Melee attacks can no longer be canceled by blocking.

      • Dev comments: While many players enjoyed the ability to cancel an attack into a block (and subsequently into a shove), this mechanic contributed to the power of the charged attack state. Attacks can still be canceled by switching weapons, but that leaves the player vulnerable. This change improves the value of blocking and makes charging an attack against a neutral opponent more risky.

    • The duration and intensity of the “micro-stagger” imparted at the start of a Weakness or Feeble wound has been increased

      • Dev comments: In the previous iteration of Weakness/Feeble, a blocked player could reliably turn and run from the blocker without taking damage from a follow-up attack. This meant that successfully blocking an attack did not create an adequate window of opportunity for the blocking player. Our goal with Weakness and Feeble is for the blocking player to have a meaningful advantage - they can disengage from the fight, they can land a charged attack (that partially bypasses the Weakened player’s block), or they can read the opponent’s actions in the hopes of successfully shoving or blocking them again.

    • Volume of melee attack charging sound has been reduced

      • Dev comments: Without the ability to hold a charged attack to pursue a backstab against an unaware player, we chose to reduce the volume of this sound effect. If a player is crafting, looting a FUNC barrel, or recycling, it should be possible to charge your backstab in close proximity without giving away your presence.

    • Being struck with a thrown item causes a brief stun

      • Dev comments: This functionality was present for quite some time but was removed several patches ago. Based on community feedback we’ve reintroduced it - the goal is to allow a chasing player to have a skill-based method (i.e. picking up a rock or stick and throwing it) to gain ground against a fleeing player.

    • Being struck while shoving no longer results in a mini-stagger

      • Dev comments: This functionality was introduced some time back to combat a trend where players would shove repeatedly. With the current state of combat we do not expect shove spam to be a problem and the mini-stagger was confusing when it happened.

  • Perks

    • Leg Day has been removed

      • Dev comments: Movement speed perks are tricky when so much rides on your ability to maneuver, give chase, or escape. Ultimately we felt that Leg Day was too appealing compared to other Movement Perks and at the same time put players at risk if they chose not to take it.

    • Speedy Spear now increases sprint speed by 5% (previously 7%)

      • Dev comments: We’ve brought Speedy Speer’s bonus down to match where Leg Day was previously. Since Spears are relatively weak in the early game (when many players don’t have armor) and carrying a spear gives opponents a clue that you might have a speed advantage, we feel that it’s in a good place.

    • Dig Deep provides 10HP (previously 20), properly plays sound effect when it triggers

      • Dev comments: Dig Deep’s ability to mitigate a massive amount of what would have been killing-blow damage and restore player's’ health to the point where they could sustain multiple additional jabs made it compare favorably to the other Survival perks. It is still valuable, but players should now feel extremely vulnerable after Dig Deep triggers.

  • Airdrops

    • Early Match Airdrops have been removed (Bait Crate is now treated as a free utility airdrop)

    • Dev comments: As mentioned in the big picture update, we have several bigger changes coming to Airdrops and match progression, but the removal of Early Match airdrops represents an important first step. The primary goal here is to make scavenging and crafting viable and necessary during the early stages of the match.

  • Networking

    • Optimized several systems in terms of the amount of network traffic they were generating

    • Increased server tickrate from 36 to 65 updates per second

    • Dev comments: Finding the right balance between new features, bug fixes, and optimization is always tricky, especially for a small team during Early Access. These changes should improve responsiveness of the online experience. It is difficult for us to thoroughly test these changes under the wide range of network conditions experienced in a live environment, so we’re interested to hear from users about their experience with this change.

  • Misc Changes

    • Fixed several bugs related to taunting during other actions

    • Changed default mouse sensitivity to 100 from 200

    • Changed default FOV to 90 from 74

    • Fixed discrepancies with wound intensity on throw for some weapons

Valentine's Matchmaking Tweak

Ah, do you feel that? That's right love is in the air. Okay maybe it's a bit of pollution and a little bit of "Frank's personal stash", but you know what we mean.

It's nearly VALENTINE'S DAY!

That's right you love birds - it's almost the most romantic day of the year. We here at the office don't have time for romance, just ask our spouses, but we do have one surprise up our sleeve.

As of right now, we're showing the Cullmunity some love by making changes to the current matchmaking algorithm. Starting immediately, only pre-invited/grouped teams will guarantee* Teams matches. If there are no pre-queued teams in the Queue, a Solo match will be guaranteed. 

To clarify - this means that solo players *may find themselves in Teams matches, but they will be far less frequent. If you'd prefer to see more solo queues -we recommend that you queue without a partner for the best possible chance.

Moreover, we've listened to your feedback and we're also lowering the amount of Lightning Rounds and reserving them for long-queue times. This means, you shouldn't be seeing Teams if you're playing solo and most matches will be Classic Battle Royale.

Much like having Frank on our staff, this isn't the ideal solution and we're still actively working on both Ranked Mode and Filtered options for Quick Play. However, this should improve the player experience for players in the meantime.
Oh and if we weren't already clear - these changes are live and no hotifx is required. 

Until next time love birds,

See you on the island

Hotfix #98XXX “The Frank Fix”

Greetings Contestants!

We don’t like to loot our own horn, but we have some crate news. Along with a few critical bug fixes, this hotfix will finally resolve the issue of missing crates that many of you experienced after the Big House update, along with a handful of other loot-related hiccups.

We call this “The Frank Fix.”

Servers will be down on Wednesday February 8th at 8AM EST and maintenance will continue for up to four hours.

As this hotfix makes its debut, we will still be hard at work on making improvements to the matchmaking service, which will make it easier to play the modes you prefer.

We also have a super fantastic special wonderful announcement brewing that we’re excited to share with the Cullmunity in the near future.

Until then,
See you on the island!

PS: Yes, we’re still working on filters.

The Frank Fix

  • We have resolved an issue that allowed the Steam Item conversion process to run multiple times on some accounts, resulting in excess Cull Crates and Cull Credits

  • We have resolved issues that resulted in some veterans not achieving their intended conversion tier (i.e. 1000+ hour veterans did not achieve “Alpha Master” status)

  • The “Frank Fix” will occur during server downtime and do the following:

    • Clear your inventory items and Cull Crates (your XP, Level, and Stats are intact, don’t worry!)

    • Award you all the crates you are due based on your level (i.e. a level 26 player receives 25 crates)

    • Award you 5 bonus crates as Frank’s personal apology

    • The next time you log in after the fix, we will re-run the Steam item conversion process, which will re-grant you crates and items based on the characteristics of your steam inventory

    • Dev comments: This update will put everyone exactly where they should be in terms of Cull Crates, Cull Credits, and items from their Steam inventory. Some players may miss out on their favorite Culling Card or weapon skin that dropped after the update, and for that we apologize. We will do our best to avoid future resets.

Bug Fixes and Balance

  • Mangler Perk now applies 40% of damage done to opponent’s stamina pool (previously 80%)

  • Fixed a bug related to Man Tracker and player stamina

  • Fixed a bug that caused a broken animation state when struck by a thrown spear

  • Fixed a bug that caused some victory celebration animations to look incorrect

  • Fixed a bug that prevented snares from applying expose wound when using Trapper perk

  • Fixed a bug that caused intermittent server stability issues


Hotfix #98583

Greetings Contestants!

We’re seeing a lot of positive response to this week’s patch but word on the street is that Frank snuck a few little bugs into the mix to keep us on our toes. We’re back with a quick hotfix, which should help alleviate most of these issues.

Servers will be down on Friday February 3rd from 8 AM EST for up to four hours.

While we have your attention, we also want to reiterate that we’re aware many of you are highly anticipating the ability to select your method and format of play. While we cannot put an ETA on this immediately, know that Filtered Queues and Ranked play are both our highest priority.

In the meantime, we’ll be working on some behind the scenes magic to ensure that matchmaking in the current Quick Play platform is improved, giving a preference to Classic Solo play when queued alone.

Additionally, we hear that Frank is working on a very special crate fix that should bring balance to the .. inventory system.

But that’s for all for now. Until next time you crazy killers!

See you on the island!

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issues with Teams matches where one of the winning team members would not receive XP/Stats and would instead have an unresponsive menu as their reward.

  • Fixed bug where Dig Deep perk would restore 35 HP instead of the intended 20.

  • Fixed bug where weapon switching would not work properly when the player was weak/feeble.

  • Removed non-functional Quick Play Filter UI, so as not to get your hopes up too soon. We are working to get this functionality to you as soon as we can.

  • Fixed bug where Sixth Scents perk nearby player alert could be triggered by a teammate.

  • Fixed text bug where Thick Skin perk description did not specify that it requires an equipped axe to be effective

  • Fixed text bugs showing inaccurate damage numbers for Auto Bow and Rifle.

  • Fixed an issue where players could still be knocked back (and potentially stun-locked) if struck while holding certain weapon types.

  • Made a potential fix for some rendering crashes. These crashes are proving difficult to isolate but we are actively investigating.

The Perks of Being a Cull-i-flower

Greetings Contestants!

We want to thank you once again for helping make the Big House update a big success. Just when you thought the exciting updates were over, we’re busting out a new round of changes that are sure to make you squeal in the way people do when they receive a Valentine’s card from their crush or have a stealthy blade slipped between their ribs.

Servers will be down on Wednesday February 1st from 8 AM EST for up to four hours.

First off, we have a fix for the Cull Crate reward bug many of you have been experiencing. This is great news for many and we’ve been working hard to make sure that things are in order. With that said, restoring missing crates is going to take more time and we will have a solution shortly. We will keep you posted.

Next, we’re debuting a big change that we’ve been hinting at for a long time: The Return of the Perks!

Many of your old favorites perks are back and we’ve thrown a couple of new ones into the mix for good measure. The caveat is that now you’re only allowed one perk per category, which should allow for better balancing overall.

But wait, there’s more!

We’re also debuting an important round of combat changes that address the key concerns we’ve heard from you about the latest iteration. More than any other update to the system, this has been a collaborative effort with you, the Cullmunity.

There are dozens of other important changes, but this wouldn’t be a brief intro if we covered them all. While some highly-anticipated features such as Ranked play and filtered matchmaking couldn’t make the cut this time around, know that they’re a priority moving forward and that the team is working tremendously hard to get them into a live state.

Also, please be aware that our patch schedule may slow down for a period of time as we make some important progress on the Xbox One Preview version of the game. This should be a temporary delay and will ensure that when we launch on Xbox One Game Preview Program The Culling is as polished as possible, across all platforms.

In the meantime, we’ll have some new and exciting news to share. But… we’ll save that for another post

Stay tuned and see you on the island!

Balance and Gameplay

  • Perks

    • Updated perk list. Includes addition of 12 new and previously removed perks and some rebalancing. See perk list below for full details.

    • Players may now equip one perk per category (3 perks from 4 categories).

      • Dev comments: This gating system allows us to bring back several popular perks from the past. We are now able to balance perks within categories rather than against all the other perks in the list, which in turn prevents stacking of movement or defensive perks. We’ve also made some favorites weapon-specific, which we thinks promotes interesting weapon-specific builds.

    • Reduced number of Kill Perks (awarded automatically for killing players) from 5 to 3.

      • Dev comments: The Kill Perks experiment has proven successful in terms of incentivizing aggressive play, but we felt that trimming from 5 to 3 retains the incentive and frees Leg Day and Dig Deep to rejoin the regular perk list.

  • Melee Combat Changes

    • Players are micro-staggered if they strike a blocking player (unless the blocking player has Weakness/Feeble). Lasts 0.65 seconds, knocks player backwards, limits player movement, does not prevent blocking/attacking.

      • Dev comments: The primary goal of this feature is to ensure that the successful blocker is able to capitalize on the Weeakness/Feeble wound. Previously the weakened player could easily escape without taking damage. This has the added benefit of allowing skilled players to crowd-control their opponents, giving them a better chance in 1v2 situations.

    • Added Feeble wound. Weakness progresses to Feeble if you strike a blocking player while Weakened. While Feeble, your attacks deal 10% damage and you are only capable of blocking 10% damage. Lasts for 2.5 seconds.

      • Dev comments: This addresses the problem where skill could not be used to overcome a significant hit point disadvantage. Previously, the player with the advantage could deal enough damage despite the weakness wound, meaning they could spam attacks indiscriminately and still win. This behavior now results in Feeble, which renders your offense and defense ineffective.

    • Weakness now lasts for 2.5 seconds (previously 3 seconds)

      • Dev comments: The goal with Weakness and Feeble is to create a specific opportunity for the successful blocker to punish the blocked player. The goal is to allow the player time to close distance and land a fully charged attack without being jabbed back instantly when the wound clears.

    • Holding a fully charged melee for more than 1 second attack drains stamina at a rate of 5 stamina points per second

      • Dev comments: Now that charged attacks cannot be interrupted, we are finding stalemate situations with one player charging an attack and the opponent blocking. The attacker is at an advantage because they can almost guarantee fully charged damage when the opponent drops their block.  This change puts the player who charges an attack for too long at a stamina disadvantage.

  • Airdrop Changes

    • Early Airdrops now cost 12 FUNC (previously free)

    • Early Airdrops no longer contain a stim

    • Late Airdrops now cost 200 FUNC (previously 250)

    • Utility Airdrops now cost 75 FUNC (previously 100)

    • Added Early bow Airdrop, random chance to contain Autobow or Recurve Bow

    • Added Mid Compound Bow Airdrop, contains a Compound Bow with full ammo

    • Added Late Gun Airdrop, contains a random gun with full ammo, Tactical Body Armor, and a random stim

    • Trapper Utility Airdrop contents updated: Backpack, Steel Snare, Steel Punji Sticks, Steel Caltrops, Explosive Mine

    • Dev comments: We have a few more changes planned that will impact Airdrops, but for now we want to make Late Airdrops more appealing and reintroduce some ranged options.

  • Base crafting times reduced by 25%

    • Dev comments: Master Crafter was popular enough that we decided a global reduction in crafting times was warranted. The original goal was that crafting would make you vulnerable to attack, but we may have taken things a bit too far.

  • All spawn points in classic mode prison map now have a nearby airdrop landing pad

  • Teams now spawn at (relatively) equal distances in teams matches

  • All bows now have max ammo of 18

  • Chainsaw beast mode activated. Chainsaw now costs less stamina and imparts high-intensity versions of Cripple, Expose, Pierce, and Bleed wounds. Don’t get caught by the chainsaw.

  • Rifle now deals 40 damage, has much slower rate of fire (from 25 damage)

  • Poison Gas Grenade now expands instantly on impact

  • Reduced number of hits required to mine rocks and sticks for most weapons, for a max of 4 hits and minimum of 2 hits

  • Survival Axe now deals 9-23 damage with *** Expose wound

  • Rebalanced XP awards

    • Dev comments: Our first stab at XP awards proved to be a little too generous, which is better than being too stingy, but worse than being just right. Hopefully this iteration will feel just right.

Bug Fixes and Polish

  • Fixed some bugs that we believe were responsible for the bulk of the stability issues (read: crashes) users experienced with the Big House update

  • Fixed bug that prevented some users from receiving Cull Crates when leveling up

  • Players cannot exit the booth backdoor in Lightning Rounds (to prevent players missing their airdrop pad)

  • Suicide button now works properly in custom matches

  • Fixed bug that allowed .357 Magnum to have extremely high rate of fire

  • All spawn points now have guaranteed rocks and sticks for crafting

  • Fixed bug where XP would not appear correctly on match summary screen

  • Cleaned up start of match sequence to hide UI and in-game elements until loading is complete

  • Fixed several hit reaction animations that were still moving and potentially stun-locking players

  • Reduced the amount of camera movement imparted by attack animations and hit reaction animations.

  • Visual changes to make Lightning Rounds more distinct and to help players obtain their airdrops

  • Fixed visual issue with wrist on female Formal Top clothing

  • Fixed bug that made Stealthy Stim ineffective

  • Added Red Crates to prison map

  • Fixed text bug that described Crafted Spear pierce intensity of *** (it is actually *)

  • Roll-up doors in prison now have SFX

  • Dirt road texture no longer has a stone with a faint blue outline that tricked players into thinking they might be able to pick it up

  • Prison architecture now properly blocks explosions and interactions

  • Fixed issue where Loot Express arrived a minute early (now takes 2 minutes and matches announcement)

  • Polish pass on in-game menus

  • Polish pass on front-end menus

  • Concrete surfaces can now be mined for rocks in prison map

  • Fixed Belgian flag Culling Card. Sorry Belgium!

  • Fixed several clothing clipping issues

  • More Holo Spawners added to prison map

  • Better visual and audio communication for Weakness/Feeble wounds

  • Fixed bug where some weapons did not display crosshairs when equipped

  • Fixed HUD description of damage values for Yari and Sabre

  • Stun Gun and Pepper Spray now recycle for 10 FUNC regardless of ammo

  • Weapon and item skins now appear in items spawned from lockers and green/red crates

  • Fix for rocks and sticks spawning underneath roads

  • Lots of collision fixes in prison map

  • Renamed Rekt-Em-Juice back to Orange Juice. Let us never speak of it again.


Perk List

  • Combat: Basher: -15% melee charge time with all Bludgeons

  • Combat: Brutus: +50% backstab damage with any Blade

  • Combat: Golden Arm: +25% velocity, +100% damage for thrown spears (+50% for crafted) Maximum effect at 20 meters.

  • Combat: Mangler: 80% of melee damage dealt with Axes is also applied to opponent's stamina

  • Combat: Ranger: +10% damage with all ranged weapons

  • Combat: Trapper: -75% time to place and disarm traps. Snares apply a 30% expose wound.

  • Movement: Leg Day: +5% movement speed

  • Movement: Recovery: +30% faster stamina regeneration

  • Movement: Speedy Spear: +7% movement speed while holding any Spear

  • Movement: Stealthy Blade: Your movement is nearly silent while holding any Blade

  • Survival: Angry Octopus: When reduced below 20 Health automatically drop a Smoke Bomb (Once per match)

  • Survival: Bomb Suit: Reduce all damage from firearms and explosives by 30% while holding any Bludgeon

  • Survival: Blood Guzzler: If someone is bleeding within 15 meters of you, you gain 1 health per 3 seconds.

  • Survival: Cannibal: Killing an opponent restores 15 health and full stamina

  • Survival: Dig Deep: Recover 20 Health when you drop to 1 HP. Happens once per match.

  • Survival: Immunity: Immune to bonus damage from backstabs and headshots

  • Survival: Inhuman: You can not be tracked with Man Tracker and are immune to Alarm Gun

  • Survival: Regenerator: Recover 1 health point every 4 seconds

  • Survival: Sixth Scents: Become alerted when a player is within 20 meters. 30 second cooldown

  • Survival: Thick Skin: Reduce all damage from bows, blowguns and thrown weapons by 30% while holding an axe

  • Survival: Tough Mother: Reduce all incoming damage by 5%

  • Utility: Bow Flexer: +25% arrow velocity with all Bows and -25% charge time

  • Utility: Backpacker: Start the match with a Backpack in your inventory

  • Utility: Chemist: Stim effects last 50% longer

  • Utility: Load Dropper: Airdrops arrive much faster

  • Utility: Man Tracker: Start the match with a Man Tracker in your inventory

  • Utility: Master Crafter: -25% crafting time

  • Utility: Moneybags: Gain +2 bonus FUNC each time FUNC is gathered

  • Kill Perk: Big Boned: +10 health pool

  • Kill Perk: Big Lungs: +20 stamina pool

  • Kill Perk: Ol Painless: +10% general damage