Multiple Stages for Combat

The show’s producers have custom-tailored each of our arenas for maximum entertainment and bloodshed. Arenas are outfitted the latest motion sensitive cameras as well as an innovative universal audio system that allows our hosts, CHAS and CHASTITY, can keep contestants up to date during a match.

Each arena is also outfitted with a mysterious green poison gas that creeps in to keep the action flowing, just like the adrenaline in your veins!


The island that started it all. Gorgeous trees, tranquil water, beautiful sunshine, abandoned buildings. You will enjoy all of the above as you hunt down your foes and use the tropical terrain to your advantage.

Complete with unique match events such as Shake & Bake and Drop Bridges, this may be the gold standard of arenas.



Have you ever wanted to simulate a prison break? If so, you’re just in luck. Under the shadow of night, you’ll find out why they’re called inmates in this intimate new battleground. Loot wards, lock down cells and make prisoners your bitch as you make your way to the podium and collect what’s yours!