Survey Says: Central Perks

Greetings Contestants!

We’re back with another Survey Says Dev Diary installment. If you’re confused about what’s going on, our last dev diary is a good place to start.

Today we’ll be talking about Perks and our plan on how to integrate them in The Culling: Origins.

Apart from the credits, perks are one of the best parts about The Culling. They let you create a build that suits your personal playstyle in order to out-wit and out-play your opponents. There are literally thousands of combinations. If you get stuck in a rut you can always go back to the Perks menu and create something new to try. Your relationship with your perks is an open one, so feel free to get out and mix things up.

On Day 1, there were a lot of very powerful perks that you could combine however you wished. Some were deemed too powerful, and the great Perk purge ensued. Many Perks were removed or seriously nerfed, and a fascist category system was enforced that only allowed one Perk per category to prevent stacking of buffs.

With Origins, we’re returning to Day 1 form. Perks are once again powerful, because people prefer that. Perks can also once again be combined however you wish.

In fact, when it comes to perks, we’re making very few changes from Day 1.

In the future, we love the idea of adding more perks and possibly buffing some of the existing ones, but on the whole we want Perks to retain their potency.

Here are the changes we have planned for Origins, in handy alphabetical order. Anything not listed here is intended to match Day 1 or doesn’t use the alphabet:

  • Angry Octopus is brought over from live.

  • Disability Insurance renamed to Disability Ensurance. Our QA tester (and resident genius / know it all / you decide) informed us, “That’s not how disability insurance works.”

  • Inhuman is brought over from live.

  • Ranger is brought over from live.

  • Regenerator now heals 1 hp of health every 4 seconds instead of every 5 seconds (to match live settings instead of Day 1)

  • Thick Skin reduces damage from all ranged attacks, including thrown weapons (not just Firearms and Bows)

  • Tight Grip is brought over from live.

To be absolutely clear, this means that some of the perks in the live build will not be returning:

  • Dig Deep

  • Berserker

  • Blood Guzzler

  • Jogger

  • Jump Start

  • Sixth Scents

  • Stealthy Blade

  • Tanky

  • Kill Perks / Reward Perks

A couple of additional changes that will affect some Perk builds are the following:

  • Max movement will be capped at 125% of normal.

  • Max player health will be capped at 125 hp.

Looking at Day 1, we like movement perk stacking, but we feel that the gameplay experience starts to unravel if you throw an X-plosive Runs stim into the mix. With a movement speed cap, you’re free to double-up your movement perks, but the stim will only give you a slight increase beyond that.

We also like the idea of retaining the Hemo Blast stim (a topic to cover in a future Dev Diary), but obviously stacking those poses some issues, hence a player health cap. Both of the proposed caps apply to all combinations of Perks, Stims, and whatever else might affect your stats.

So what do you think? The survey below will let you weigh in on all of the changes listed above. We’d love to hear your thoughts and see your comments.

Survey: Origins Perk List Changes

Until our next Diary,

We’ll see you on the island!




For reference, here is the current full proposed plan for the Origins perk list:

Alarm Gunner
Start the match with an Alarm Gun in your inventory

Angry Octopus
When reduced below 20 Health automatically drop a Smoke Bomb (Once per match)

Start the match with Body Armor in your inventory

Start the match with a Backpack in your inventory

-20% melee charge time with all Bludgeons

Big Boned
Health pool increased by 15 points

Big Lungs
Stamina pool increased by 30 points

+100% duration for bleed wounds applied by all Blades

+50% damage with Blowguns

Reduce all incoming damage by 25% while holding a Blowgun

Grants the ability to zoom when aiming the Blowgun

Bomb Suit
Reduce all damage from explosives by 50%

Bow Flexer
+25% arrow velocity with all Bows

+40% backstab damage with any Blade

Killing an opponent restores 25 health points

All crafting costs reduced by -1 FUNC

Stim effects last 3X as long

-20% melee charge time with all Axes

Clotting Agent
Reduce duration of all wounds by 50% while holding any Axe

Code Red
Alarm Gun darts now apply bleed wounds

20% chance to apply cripple wound on hit with any Spear

Disability Ensurance
Pepper Spray, Stun Gun, Blow Gun, and Smoke Grenade also apply Cripple wound to opponents

Faster Crafter
Reduce all crafting time by 50%

Faster Trapper
Reduce all trap deployment time by 50%

Golden Arm
+100% damage and +100% velocity for all thrown weapons

Hearty Constitution
Reduce all wound duration by 50% while holding any Bludgeon

Immune to bonus damage from backstabs and headshots

You can not be tracked with Man Tracker and are immune to Alarm Gun

+50% melee damage with Brass Knuckles

Leather Hide
Reduce all damage taken by 25% while holding any Bludgeon

Leg Day
10% movement speed

Load Dropper
Airdrops arrive instantly

+40% damage with bows when the target is beyond 40 meters

Man Tracker
Start the match with a Man Tracker in your inventory

200% of melee damage dealt with Axes is also applied to opponent's stamina

Reduce all damage taken by 25% while holding any Axe

Master Crafter
+15% damage from all crafted weapons, traps and explosives

Gain +2 bonus FUNC each time FUNC is gathered

Ol Painless
+10% damage with all weapons, traps, and explosives

Poking Deeply
+100% duration for bleed wounds applied by any Spear

+10% damage with all ranged weapons

+50% faster stamina regeneration

Recover 1 health point every 4 seconds

Runs with Knives
+10% movement speed while holding any Blade

Sneaky Poker
+40% backstab damage with all Spears

Speedy Spear
+10% movement speed while holding any Spear

Movement and crafting are nearly silent

20% chance to cripple opponents with arrow strikes

200% of melee damage dealt with Bludgeons is also applied to opponent's stamina

Tendon Cutter
20% chance to apply cripple wound on hit with any Blade

Thick Skin
Reduce all damage from firearms, bows and thrown damage by 50%

Tight Grip
Can't be disarmed, movement speed reduced by 5%

Tough Mother
Reduce all incoming damage by 10%

+25% damage dealt by snares, caltrops, and punji sticks