Survey Says: Bows in Different Travelling Modes

Greetings Contestants!

Welcome back and thank you for weighing in with your thoughts on the proposed changes for those lovely little things called Bows in Origins. While the large majority agree that the proposed changes are a good idea overall, we heard some concerns about the suggested accuracy changes. More specifically, a passionate group of you strongly felt that bloom introduces an element of randomness that hurts the ability of highly-skilled bow users to capitalize on their abilities.

Before we proceed, and just to be clear: The intention has been to take a gentle touch with bows, which includes accuracy. If the previous survey had you picturing a scenario where accurate jump shots and thrilling bow play are next-to impossible, rest assured, that is not a world we want to live in either.

In the Day 1 build, there are some interesting issues with Bows and accuracy.

First of all, even though accuracy is influenced by movement and jumping, the crosshair behavior does not correspond with actual accuracy in any way. Similarly, you do incur an accuracy penalty in Day 1 as your stamina drops, but that’s not conveyed to the player properly. The crosshairs do not reflect that penalty at all, so most players don’t know that this behavior exists. Obviously it’s critical that whatever is happening under the hood in terms of gameplay needs to be reflected via the UI, so that’s something that is being remedied.

For Origins, we’ve introduced some subtle penalties for moving, sprinting, and jumping. We’ve also reduced the accuracy penalty related to low stamina by half.

The net result is a system that diversifies play and communicates much better, without dramatically impacting accuracy. Most users likely wouldn’t notice a difference and even the most hardcore of archers is unlikely to feel hampered in most cases.

The situation where you may feel the burn is a case where your stamina is low and you attempt a jump shot. That arrow might miss the mark, but it’s only fair that acrobatic bow play is less effective as your stamina is depleted.

We want to thank you once again for voicing your opinions and helping to directly shape how bows perform in Origins. We hope this blog clears things up a little and helps some of you sleep better at night as the Origins update launch rapidly approaches.

So what do you think about bow accuracy? Weigh in on our latest survey.

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