Survey Says: A Kite Spot

Greetings Contestants!

To kite or not to kite? That is the question.

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that the community’s warnings about player spacing have put kiting on our radar. Our recent poll revealed that while many of you agree that bow-kiting is literally the cheese of the devil, the other half of you think that it’s actually pretty cool, or at least no big deal.

That puts us in a position where it’s clear some form of touch is needed, but a gentle one.

We sat down and looked at Day 1 bows and what elements may have made bow-kiting extra effective in that form of The Culling. Rather than addressing bow-kiting in a direct and heavy-handed way, we felt the smarter approach is to make a series of smaller changes that focus how bows handle and fit into the bigger picture of combat.

Here are the changes we’re making to bow stats and mechanics:

  • Stamina Cost — In the Day 1 build, fully charging a bow shot costs half the stamina it requires for a charged swing of a melee weapon. To make matters even less fair, your stamina recharges as you charge a Compound Bow shot, meaning you have often recovered any spent stamina by the time you fire the arrow. Moving forward, the stamina cost of bows will be on par with melee weapons and charging shots with any bow will pause your stamina regen.

    • The section above has been updated and amended. 

  • Accuracy — Day 1 bows remain highly accurate when moving, sprinting, and jumping. They also gain the full accuracy benefit of aiming down the sights the instant you press the aim button. To fall better in line with ranged combat in other FPS games, the accuracy penalty will be increased for moving and jumping as well as smoothly transitioning your accuracy value over time as you aim down the sites. We’re also fixing the crosshairs to bloom correctly.

  • Charge Time — Day 1 bows require roughly two-thirds of a second to fully charge, just like a normal speed melee weapon. In Origins, the charge time to will change to 1 second, so you’ll need a bit more time to get the most damage possible out of your bow.

  • “Jab” Damage — Day 1 bow damage scales similarly to melee weapons, with fast, un-charged shots dealing strong damage. Obviously this creates several problems and reducing the bottom-end of bow damage so that a quick tap yields a much less powerful shot is the solution. If you want to capitalize on a bow’s damage potential, you’ll need to take the time to charge your shots.

  • Stamina Stim — Although not directly tied to bows, the Stamina Stim originally provided you with two minutes of nearly limitless stamina. Combined with the Chemist perk, this could be used effectively to keep an opponent permanently outside of melee range. We are changing the Stamina Stim so that it only boosts your stamina regen rate under the normal conditions where you would gain stamina, rather than giving you a constant stream.

The goal with these changes is to impose some soft limits on how bows can be most effective in combat without impacting how they feel from moment to moment. A nice side effect is that bow play now increases the skill gap slightly, an aspect that many of the most avid players have requested.

What do you think? Is this a fair, balanced, common-sense approach to bows? Give us your thoughts in the new survey.

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We’ll see you on the Island.