Survey Says: Calling in a Discussion on Airdrops

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Last week we talked about the suite of melee weapons that will be available in the Origins update. That conversation transitions naturally into access to the weapons themselves.

Airdrops are main tool that The Culling provides to let you get your greedy, filthy, murderous little hands on whatever your heart desires. Though, no matter how expensive or inexpensive your drop may be, there is always a catch. In the Day 1 version of the game, Airdrops followed paths and players could steal your airdrops with a single well-placed shot, leaving you vulnerable as you called in your box of goodies.

You have been vocal about seeing this return and we’re right there with you. The reward of grabbing your drop is even sweeter when you have to take a risk to get it. So, in Origins, the mechanics of airdrop delivery will stay true to Day 1.

Here’s how Airdrops are planned to operate:

  • You can call in Airdrops multiple times as long as you have the FUNC and can find an unused drop pad.

  • There is no “Match Phase” gate that artificially restricts when you can call an Airdrop.

  • Airdrops will follow flight paths, sometimes crossing a large portion of the map, giving other players the opportunity to shoot them down and steal them.

  • When Origins launches, all but three Airdrops will be locked. To unlock more, you’ll need to open them in online matches, either by using the “Surprise Me!” Drop, stealing them from other players, or participating in match events. Once you’ve opened an Airdrop, it unlocks in your list to be called in future matches.

Due to the addition of several weapons and items that were not present in Day 1, there will also be some new Airdrops. The roster now includes all of the original drops along with several post-launch drops you might recognize and even a couple of brand-new entries.

Though we are adding an assortment to the mix and returning the mechanics of Airdrops back to their (fun) roots, there are some necessary changes to be made. While we like the general balance of FUNC cost in terms of the average cost of a given Airdrop in Day 1, the call-in cost needed some gentle massaging to feel just right. The Day 1 system simply didn’t place enough value on lethal items like Stun Guns and Explosives and it didn’t recognize the superiority of Tier 4 melee weapons vs. Tier 3.

Keep in mind that as far as the economy goes, our plan is to keep you earning FUNC at exactly the same rate as you did in Day 1, so it’s safe to compare Origins Airdrop prices directly against Day 1 prices in that regard.

To that end, we’ve implemented a new per-item Airdrop cost structure that we think provides relatively easy access to all of the Airdrops in the game without introducing highly lethal items at the very start of the match. It will also be more prohibitive to call in those super-drops repeatedly. In some cases that meant adding an extra item to a drop in order to bump up its cost while also providing additional utility.

There were also instances where two Airdrops didn’t compete well against each other (such as Addict and Medic), so their contents have been changed to better differentiate them and to offer more diversity of play.

Finally, you’ll notice that Lumberjack is now defined as an event-only Airdrop. Moving forward the intention is for Chainsaws to return to their former, pre-alpha, over-powered-engine-of-unstoppable-death glory. That’s something we’ll be covering in a future post.

The details of changes to Chainsaws and other lethal items is something we’ll be covering in a future post.

We’re sure you’re eager to peruse the new Airdrop list, so please check it out below and then weigh in with your thoughts in our new survey. We’ve also got a special bonus question about bow-kiting so be sure to smash that vote button.

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