Dev Diary: Results Round-Up

Greetings Contestants!

If you’re just joining us, a quick recap:

In addition to the released Day 1 Reference Server, the mainline version of The Culling is officially back in active development for both PC and Xbox One. Though the Reference Server will remain relatively static and unchanged, the next major update to The Culling will usher new changes, including a new free-to-play model for your favorite game show of death.

Our goal with The Culling: Origins is a return to the roots of the game’s Day 1 experience with the polish of some modern tweaks and additions.

Over the past several days we — the dev team (hi, by the way!) have been engaging you — the community — with a series of Dev Diaries and surveys to share our plans, as well as to gather your feedback.

That’s the summary but if you’re trying to get fully caught up, you can find our previous posts here.

We want to offer a big thanks to everyone who has participated in our surveys so far. We’ve made a great deal of progress towards Origins and we still have several diaries in the satchel, but we wanted to circle back on our recent surveys to help you see how your feedback has been shaping our plans.


Health Station Tethering

We admit that we went into this hoping it would be an easy answer, but we thought it would be a good exercise to try out the survey system and make sure our Cull-o-Meters are calibrated as closely to yours as they can be.

As it turns out, the vast majority of you (nearly 90%) agree that the Live version of Health Stations represent an improvement over the Day 1 exploit.  So with that, we’re sticking with Live.

Though the result was relatively straight-forward it’s also worth mentioning that we got tons of participation in that survey in particular. Even if the topic seems like a slam-dunk in terms of making the right decision, it’s wonderful for us to have so many of you weigh in with your opinion.

We also appreciate hearing your specific thoughts about why Health Station Tethering is a big problem. Sometimes changes are important, but not quite as important as the philosophy behind them. The extra effort many of you put into typing out your reasoning and sharing your personal experiences is a big help in understanding where you’re coming from.


You wanted surveys to go deeper and we brought out the scuba suit.

This was a meatier diary with lots of data to parse, but you did not shy away from putting on your thinking caps. We got plenty of responses and a great insight into what you like (or don’t like) about particular perks.

Overall it’s clear that the vast majority of you approved of the plans we laid out. However, there was a notable exception, and that exceptions’ name is Tight Grip.

Tight Grip is a perk that prevents you from being disarmed. It wasn’t in Day 1 and many of you (roughly half) expressed some serious concerns about it and how it altered the flow of play. Based on that, we’re going to tweak our plans and remove Tight Grip from the Origins perk list.

We may explore the idea of Tight Grip in some form the future, simply because we like the idea of adding Perks rather than taking away, but our core philosophy right now is that if it wasn’t part of Day 1 and the community clearly doesn’t want it, we’re leaving it at the bus stop without a transfer.

Weapon Wounds

The question of which wounds should be applied by weapons is a big one and resulted in the most divided response we’ve seen so far.

There was no consensus affirming that we should stick with Day 1 on this one, which was our plan going into the Diary. Since a majority either want the Live (4 Wound) system or a modified version of it, we’re heading back to our workshop to devise a new plan.

We really like your idea that each weapon type should have a cool wound that makes sense for it and is competitive against the other wound types. Similarly, we also agree with you that wounds need to be an extra layer of strategy, but not the deciding factor in most confrontations.

Though we’re hesitant to change too much, we’ve got a better handle on how Wounds should fit into the big scheme of melee combat and we also have the benefit of all the feedback you’ve graciously shared. Once we’ve got a revised plan together we’ll get it to you lickety-split. Be aware that tweaks to weapon wounds will certainly have a ripple effect with some of the perks.


Congratulations, you are now fully up to speed! We’ll be serving more spicy ideas into your hungry brains as soon as we can. From surveys to diaries (and even some other things surprises), you can expect to hear more from us soon.

Until then,

We’ll see you on the Island.