Island Diary August 11, 2017

Greetings contestants!

Thank you for joining us once again for another diary. It’s here that we sneak out and leak out some of the newest features and game-changing elements coming to The Culling. 

Though we’ve been known to talk about long-term goals in the past, this time around we’ll be breaking down what’s coming in the very near future. While we don’t have a date to share just yet, there’s more than enough here that this edition is sure to be interesting, insightful and all the other adjectives that begin with the letter i.

New Cosmetics
We know that the best part about The Culling is smashing your opponents and climbing your way to the top. At the same time, what’s a moment in the spotlight worth if you’re not able to shine?

We will be introducing a heaping helping of new cosmetic items for contestants to unlock and to show off their twisted personalities. With new Culling Cards, new victory celebrations and new weapon skins, there’s sure to be something for every contestant.

Plus, with summer coming to an end we’ve gotten into a festive, carnival mood. In addition to the above, we’ll be adding new hair, masks and some particularly dark clown outfits to bring a big smile to each of your faces.

Xbox Voice Chat
The next update will introduce voice communication options to contestants on Xbox One. 

We know that while many players enjoy coop with their friends, some simply enjoy the dynamics of working with a teammates and don’t always have a buddy, friend or a pal ready, willing and able to join into the action.

Also, we know that when playing with a random teammate in the wild you can be left at a slight disadvantage, with pre-made teams often using lobby chat to strategize and gain the upper hand. Adding team chat both levels the playing field and opens up coop to a new crop of contestants who may have been intimidated to jump into the mode in the past.

In addition to team chat, we’ll also be rolling out a much-requested communication feature: proximity chat. Though we’re not quite ready to talk shop on this just yet, it will also be included in the next scheduled update!

Bug Fixes
Each new update presents an opportunity to add, but it also goes without saying that they also allow us to address several key bug and issues head on. 

Some of the highlight fixes in the next update are changes automatic region switching (Xbox), thrown item disappearance, gas grenade glitches, unequipped cosmetics and more. We’ll have more details when we roll out official patch notes.

Golden Weapons
The wise philosopher C.H.A.S once said, “Not all that glitters is gold, but all weapons that are gold are FUNC’ing awesome!” Possibly one of the biggest additions to The Culling yet, golden weapons will shower the arena during event airdrops and offer players a never-before-seen level of power. 

There will be be no less than 8 Golden Weapons available next update (4 Tier 3s and 4 Tier 4s), each with their unique sets of abilities and modifiers. The entire Golden arsenal has been locked in, but you’ll have to wait until the patch notes to learn about them all. Until then, however, we have been able to sneak a couple out of Culling HQ to share with you early.

Bleeding Blade - This legendary sword is so sharp and cuts so deep that the bleed it imparts lasts until the victim heals.

Nutcracker - Though it’ a tad weaker than a regular sledgehammer under normal conditions, This Sledgehammer is no joke. It can be charged for 3 seconds to deliver 60 points of damage against any opponent unfortunate enough to be caught  by its wrath.

This edition of our diary looked at the very near future and we can’t wait to share more details as the date draws near.

We feel like each time we come together for these things, we get a little closer, a little friendlier, a little...cullinglier? What we’re trying to say is thanks for joining us again for this look ahead. 

Until next time,
See you in the arena.