Weekly Island Diary June 9, 2017

Greetings contestants!

What a crazy week! Thank you for bearing with us as we’ve beefed up our server infrastructure to handle the demand from our new Xbox audience. The level of interest in the game exceeded even our hopeful expectations. It was touch-and-go there for a while, but we think our servers are ready to handle all of the murderous mayhem you can dish out moving forward, so hop on in and feel free to bring a friend!

As the Xbox audience continues to grow, we are likely to experience a few more hiccups, but we have been hard at work for the last week to implement measures that will keep the gears turning (picture Frank furiously pedaling a bicycle with wires poking out in all directions).
We’ve enjoyed watching a new crop of players jump into the arena and experience the adrenaline rush that is Battle Royale and we can’t wait to see more of your kills, thrills and victories over the coming weeks and months.

While it’s fun to reminisce about the exciting times we’ve already had together, we’re always looking towards the future. We have a few cards up our sleeves, and we don’t mind tipping our hand every so often.

So let’s get to showing some cards.

Bug Fixes

This one may seem boring, but it’s important. Whether you’re slaying PC or kicking some rear-end on Xbox, you’ve likely come across a bug or two. One of the great benefits of Early Access and Game Preview is the ability to source feedback on a scale that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to, pulling in reports of bugs both minor and major. 

A portion of the team is working on addressing crashes, usability issues, and regular ol’ bugs. We tend to focus these diaries on new features, but we also know that fixes for common issues improve quality of life for players and have a big impact on the overall experience.

Please keep the reports coming in on all platforms and we’ll do our best to listen, resolving them as soon as we can. As a small team we can’t do everything all at once, but your reports help us to prioritize the major issues that matter to you.

Seasonal Leaderboards
One new feature we’ve been excited about for quite some time is Seasonal Leaderboards. This system adds an extra layer of competitive play for newcomers and grizzled veterans alike. It’s been a long path to get here, to say the least!
More than a year ago we introduced “Trials of the Isle.” The game awarded Trials Tokens for wins in regular matches, which could be used to enter ultra-competitive Trials matches where players competed for exclusive loot. We loved the added competitive aspect, but the system didn’t work well with everyone’s play schedule, it wasn’t easily accessible, and it fragmented the queues.
With lessons learned from the Trials system, we considered several alternatives and ultimately decided on a seasonal leaderboards system. Each of your matches is scored based on placement and kill count (with a few other factors thrown in to spice things up), and your best matches of the season form a cumulative season score that determines your leaderboard rank.
Whether you’re a brand new player looking to break out of Bronze or a wily vet vying for the top of Diamond, each of your matches provides a new opportunity to improve your standing.
You can expect to hear more details about Leaderboards soon, but until then we’ve decided to give you a sneak peek of what they could look like. Keep in mind, these mock-ups are works in progress, so the final result is likely to change.



That’s all we have for this week contestants. Make sure you come back each and every Friday for even more insight into the future of The Culling.

See you on the island!