Island Diary June 16, 2017

Greetings contestants!

Summer is unofficially here and it’s scorching hot. Weekly Diaries are our way of sharing what’s new and popping here in the office and giving you a little glimpse as to what can be expected in the near and distant future.

But, since it’s so dang hot, we thought we’d quench your thirst with a little bit of a more substantial leak. This week we’ll be giving you a sneak peek of what’s to come in our next patch which should be arriving very shortly. We expect the patch to arrive in the next couple of weeks on PC, followed by the Xbox version shortly after.

Until then, here’s a little extra to wet your whistle!

Patch Preview

  • Revised Aim Assist - We have heard tons of feedback regarding the aim assist on the Xbox One and we’ve made a few key changes: Rotational assist (where we snap the crosshair onto your target when you zoom a ranged weapon) has been reduced in both duration and sensitivity. You’ll have to be more closely aimed at your target before the assist kicks in and the assist will only last for a brief moment.

    On the other hand, we’ve made the aim sensitivity assist (where we reduce your thumbstick sensitivity when your crosshair is close to the target) have a larger maximum area to help you manually aim your shots.

    Most importantly, we’ve fixed the bug that made aim assist target your teammates, making coop a little more.. cooperative.

  • New Sensitivity Option - Expect to see a new “Iron sight sensitivity” setting that works with both controller and keyboard/mouse. You can tune your desired sensitivity while in aimed mode with ranged weapons, giving you more control when you need it.

  • Bug Fixes - Considered the meat and potatoes of the changes, the next patch will address key issues across both platforms including snare placements, freezing, repeated basic tutorial, saved controller settings, crashes, teammate invites, clothing errors, loading delays and more.

  • Linux/Steam OS - After much investigation a solution has been found and will be implemented for a bug that prevented this variation of the build from launching properly.

  • Filters - Coop will be set to off by default in filters. Most players who want teams matches join the queue with a teammate, so this will help ensure solo players get into the solo matches they prefer. Simple, but efficient.

New Match Events

We’re happy to share that there are several new Match Events currently in development.

Though we cannot go into specifics on the exact amount and variety of the events, many of the new additions include concepts and mechanics that have never been seen in The Culling.

One that we’re particularly excited about is Blood Moon, which sees the sky bathed in scarlet moonlight, which reveals red outlines on all contestants across the map. Despite what you might have heard, in Blood Moon there’ll be no hiding, so we recommend that you run, because every contestant is marked, no mantracker required.

Look to hear more about Blood Moon and other match events as we head towards future patches. It’s going to be an…. eventful future.


So that’s this week in the books. Fin. Complete. Done. We hope that you enjoyed the extra sample of what’s to come, because we look forward to sharing them each and every week.

Expect to hear more about diaries and patches very soon.

Until next week,

See you in the Arena.