Filtration System

Greetings Contestants!

Thank Frank it’s Friday, are we right? Even though the weekend... the sweet sweet weekend... is approaching, we wanted to talk to you quickly about a little something that has been the topic of many a conversation.

Queue filters.

We originally planned to have an announcement about filters for you this week, with a patch coming next week. Although it seems like a simple feature, queue filters required a rewrite of our entire matchmaking system, and that work, at long last, is nearly done.

But life happened and we’re having a baby.

Okay, okay. Maybe we’re not having a baby, but the engineer behind filters is. His wife has been, as Dr.Frank describes her, “hella pregnant”, for quite some time and had to go into induced labor almost two weeks early. We wanted to make sure that all was well before we shared this info with you. 

Don’t worry, Mom is fine, Dad is fine and there’s a brand new healthy contestant in the world today. We’re all thrilled and excited for the happy family.

This does, however, mean that it may take us a little longer to get filters out the door than initially intended. We know that’s not soon enough for many of you, including for some in our office, but that’s simply the reality of the situation.

In times such as these family comes first and we hope you understand.