Island Diary: October 2, 2017

Greetings Contestants,

In this edition of the Island Diary, we’re thrilled to bring you not one, but two major announcements!

Our first piece of news is that this Friday, October 6th, we will roll out the next update for The Culling on both PC and Xbox One.

This update brings new additions and improvements such as new cosmetics, Xbox Voice Support (proximity/team) as well as several key tweaks and bug fixes. The highlight of the update for many players will undoubtedly be the brand new Golden Weapons.

As per usual, we will have full patch later this week when the update drops. Buuuuut we wanted to give you the full rundown on all eight of the new, shiny toys that will be dropped into the arena via match events.

Golden Weapons

Match events that deliver rewards, such as Loot Piñata and Loot Express, now deliver crates containing Golden Weapons. Mid-match events deliver Tier 3 Golden Weapons, Late-match events deliver Tier 4 Golden Weapons. 

These weapons are generally comparable in stats to their non-golden counterparts, but they offer a bonus twist. Our goal is to make these events worth fighting for, without guaranteeing a win to the player who emerges wielding the golden weapon. 

Without further ado:

  • Bleeding Blade - A legendary sword so sharp, it cuts so deep that the bleed it imparts lasts until the victim heals. Think of it as the worst paper cut ever.
  • Triflector - This Trident deals 2 additional points of damage to your opponent every time you are struck, making your opponents think thrice about inflicting damage.
  • Nutcracker - This brute takes a long time to charge, but can hit incredibly hard. It can be charged for several seconds to deliver up to 60 points of damage against any opponent unfortunate enough to be caught by its wrath.
  • Axetinguisher - While this Fireman’s Axe is equipped you are immune to all wounds. Your wounds are … axetinguished.. immediately!
  • Vampire Bat - This weapon sucks, literally! Recover 2 hp each time you strike an opponent by leeching their lifeforce. 
  • Doppledagger - When equipped, this Bowie Knife allows you to double-jump. It’s like you’re going to outer space, man!
  • Infinity Pole - This Yari returns to your hand each time it’s thrown. How? Do you have poles, poles, in different area codes? We’re not sure, but it won’t matter when you’ve got the upperhand on your enemy!
  • VomiHawk - This Tomahawk inflicts a sickness wound with every strike. That means not only can you take out your opponent, with the VomiHawk you can take them down with the sickness.

Oh, ah, ah, ah, ah.

Now, time for for the second announcement..

This Friday’s launch marks The Culling’s exit from Early Access and Game Preview!

When we launched The Culling in March of 2016, we were the first built-from-the-ground-up Battle Royale title and now we’re becoming the first entry in the genre to make a full release. What that means for you is more polish, fewer bugs, the addition of achievements for PC and Xbox One, and more.

As excited as we are to reach this finish line, we’re not done. Not just yet. There will be more to look forward to in the future, but that will have to wait for a future diary.

Until Friday,

See you on the island.