The Big Picture: Tease of Things to Come

Greetings Contestants! 

We hope you’re enjoying the latest balance patch, we’re sure to have more little tweaks and adjustments coming your way soon. In the meantime, we wanted to shine a little more light on some of the bigger features we have coming in the future.

Let’s start at Player Experience and Leveling. Culling contestants will soon be gaining experience from matches and their murderous exploits within the matches. That experience is applied to the player's’ level. The level representing how much time and tears you’ve put into The Culling.

As players level-up they’ll be rewarded with a crate, that’s right a crate! And what do you need to open that crate?

You need a key!

A key made from the blood and bones of your opponents. Just kidding that’s gross. You don’t need a key, you just open them and get your rewards. 

Really, there is no key. We’ll even drop the humorous pretense just to say it clearly. 

We have no plans to monetize these crates right now, we haven’t changed our launch strategy. We’re not going “F2P”. 

The crates provide a nice, clean, way to provide packages of loot with variable sizes, (maybe 1 item, maybe 3). It's a singular self contained “package” as a delivery method to provide the Cullmmunity with rewards. 

What’s inside these wondrous, never before conceived, crates of booty? Really, we’re not sure why no one has thought to put game rewards inside a crate that pops open before. Anyway, what’s in them? Customization options! A great deal more than you’ve been exposed to up to this point in The Culling. We’re talking about; clothing, hats, helmets, hair-dids, furry animals, weapon skins, taunts, pleasure devices, victory animations and culling cards. (There is currently no real plan for Furry Animals or any kind of devices pleasurable or not)

You’ll also find in game currency...and, what do we do with that? Players can use the currency to purchase the customization pieces that they haven’t been lucky enough to get from those crates full of booty.

This way, through luck and murderous villainy you can build your character out to look however you’d like.

And for you grisled, chewed up, salty, beef jerky like veterans don’t worry, we have a couple hundred new items coming to the fold so you have plenty to earn and save up for. You should see the tactical gear, that shit is so dope, and the post apoc stuff and the mankini’s...yum.

Okay, one last thing, Trials Tokens

Once all these big new features roll out, we’ll also be providing a method to convert your Trials Tokens into either account experience or currency. We’re still working out the details on the economy and exchange rates, but, the goal is to give contestants some choices in conversion.Players will be able to either exchange for XP, crates, or use the in-game currency to purchase exactly what you want.

So that’s what’s coming for XP, Leveling and Rewards and Token changes, we’ll have another exciting sneak peek behind the curtain coming up soon. 

See you on the island!