Trials Retirement and Lightning Rounds

Greetings Contestants!

No island is without its fair share of rest and relaxation opportunities, but we say screw that nonsense! The team is hard at work on our next update and we thought it was time to reveal some of what we’ve been working on, both short-term and long-term.

Our long-term plan is to improve the game’s lasting appeal for hardcore competitive players and also hold the interest of new contestants. To accomplish those goals, we have several big new systems in the works. Those systems are early enough in development that we’re not ready to announce details just yet - booo! - but you'll be hearing more about them in the near future.

In the meantime, we do have some exciting news to share. The game’s Trials mode was something we initially intended to retire after 6-8 weeks, and despite its ongoing popularity we’ve reached the point where something else is ready to take its place.

This weekend will be your last opportunity to play Trials matches. We know the first question on many of your minds is, “What do I do with my Trials Tokens?” Don't fret, we're not forgetting about you. We will be announcing plans for existing Trials Tokens soon. Note that this is your last chance to win the cosmetic items that are only available through Trials matches, these items will not drop in other modes.

After Trials is officially retired, we’ll be releasing an update that includes our latest experimental mode: “Lightning Round.” This mode was born from the need to create a demo-friendly version of the game that’s currently available to play at San Diego Comic Con, so those of you in the area can get a sneak preview.

An even more aggressive spin on the Culling’s battle royale formula, we had so much fun testing Lightning Round internally that we decided to release it in the live build. While our other modes still represent the core Culling experience, we think Lightning Round offers a fun new twist and we’re dying to see your reaction.

We’ll have more news about Lightning Round and the rest of the changes coming with the next update soon. Very soon.

We’ll see you on the island!