Combat Changes Coming to Test Servers

Hello contestants and welcome to The Culling: Island Diaries. This new platform will allow us to share upcoming details about not only The Culling, but some of the exciting things going on around the office as well.

Though we’re a relatively small team, we pride ourselves on putting the community first and listening to all of the incredible input that you provide. We’d be crazier than Frank if we didn’t put some of it to good use.

On that very note, we’ve listened to your feedback and in lieu of a patch this week, we’ll be launching our new test servers to invite you to try out a set of combat changes before we take them live.

Our philosophy with these changes is to pursue consistent combat action timings, make the visuals closely match the functionality, and resolve bugs and exploits that we didn’t intend. The result is a set of changes the we hope will refine the overall melee combat experience:

  • Correctly matched some weapon-specific animation timings for combat interrupts that showed you returning to idle before your stagger was complete, giving the false impression that you could take action while you were still stunned

  • Reduced the window where players were vulnerable to shove after dropping their block

  • Reduced attack / shove launch time that determines how long it takes to strike the other player after you execute the action

  • Increased the speed of the **-rated weapons

  • Damage will now interrupt the stagger state, preventing players from landing multiple consecutive jabs on a staggered opponent (you must now charge your follow-up attack to maximize damage)

  • Increased the period of time after launching an attack where the game checks to see if the attack is striking a target, making it easier to land attacks

  • Reduced and made consistent the time after completing a combat action (attack, shove, or jab) before another action could be taken

  • Removed the ability to instantly transition to a shove when cancelling a charged attack via blocking

  • Added a brief minimum block time when executing a block to prevent tapping and releasing block to bait a shove from the other player

  • Removed stagger when being disarmed. Losing your weapon is enough punishment

With so many changes happening at once, there will inevitably be an evolution of the game’s meta. We’d like your help in digesting the implications of these changes and identifying whether we’ve indeed moved closer to a happy place, or crashed the plane into the side of the mountain. Our goal is to iterate on the test servers as necessary until we can confidently roll out a set of changes to the live build.

It’s worth mentioning that combat changes are not the only plate we have spinning at the moment. Also jockeying for top priority are issues with teaming in Free-for-All matches and netcode optimization.

Stay tuned for details about the test servers.

We’ll see you on the island!