New Test Server Build is Live Now!

Greetings contestants! Welcome to the Island Diary for May 18, 2016.

Last night’s test was phenomenal in terms of turnout from the community as well as feedback. Your voices have been heard and things are about to get REAL.

With this new set of changes we think we may have a solid candidate for a live release, but first we need another round of Test Server murder. We hope you can come out and join us! Unlike our previous Test Server experiments, we are going to leave this one live from now until Midnight (EDT) tonight. We will have devs in DISCORD to hear your feedback.

These changes are in addition to the previous updates we’ve made to the Test Server build, so please review the other Island Diary entries for more details if this is your first time joining the Test Server.

Server News

  • Test Servers are located only on the East Coast of North America. If you’re joining us from elsewhere in the world, please be aware that your network performance will be less than ideal

  • Reminder: We’re planning to roll out West Coast servers for North America with our next live update!

Combat and Balance

  • Shoving an opponent who is not blocking will no longer cause a stagger. This was an effective experiment to counter shove-spamming behavior, but with the mixed feedback we received from the Test Server sessions we’ve switched to some subtler changes that should achieve the same effect in a more intuitive manner

  • Shoving now costs 20 stamina points (instead of 3) to encourage players to be more judicious with their shoves

  • Holding block now slowly drains 3 stamina per second

  • Shoving an opponent who is not blocking will no longer visually appear to damage the receiving player (we think this was confusing some shoved players into believing they had been attacked, which naturally led to blocking, which encouraged shove-spamming)

  • Jab animations no longer scale based on weapon speeds (this was intended as part of the May 17th Test Server update but wasn’t working properly). The goal with weapon speeds in this iteration is to provide consistent attack control feel for all melee weapons (equivalent to the Early Access launch build) while requiring greater skill to maximize charged attack damage against a staggered opponent using slower weapons


  • We (and you) generally like what was accomplished with the recent changes in terms of making Tier 1 and Tier 2 weapons more valuable in the early stages of the match and delaying the appearance of high-tier weapons, but there was definitely room for tuning based on the Test Server response

  • FUNC Bounty on death. The base reward for killing another player is back to 25 FUNC (from 50), but a player’s value increases by 15 FUNC for each kill they’ve earned during a match (i.e. a player with 2 kills is worth 55 FUNC if you take them out). Keep an eye on the scoreboard to see who the juiciest targets are

  • We’ve done a full pass on the Air Drop values, bringing most of them down moderately while boosting a few.

  • Gold Crates remain at 200 FUNC but no longer contain guns or Tier 4 melee weapons. They now contain items that might give you an edge if you have FUNC to spare going into the final stages of the match: Body Armor, Orange Juice, Dynamite, Med Kit, X-plosive Runs, Stamina Boost, MuscleMan Milk, Iron-4-Skin (all with an equal chance to drop). Expensive? Yes. But at the end of the round, what are you saving all that FUNC for anyway?

  • Ammo reload for guns now costs 100 FUNC (previously 75)

  • FUNC recycle value for all crafted melee weapons has been normalized to 4

Other Changes

  • Reduced duration of Stamina Stim to 30 seconds (from 2 minutes)

  • HUD tooltip now shows updated damage number for Crafted Explosive (35 instead of 20)

We’ll see you on the island!