Brand New Test Server Build TONIGHT!

Greetings contestants! Welcome to the latest entry in our Island Diary.

We have a new round of changes for you to try on the Test Servers tonight (Servers will be live from 9PM-12AM EDT), and this update is even bigger and bolder than the last one. If all goes well, we’ll consider sending this build live later in the week.

As always, these changes are experimental and not guaranteed to make it into the live build, so make your voice heard on DISCORD tonight. We want to know what you think after you’ve had a chance to play at least a handful of matches.

Server News

  • Test Servers are back in the East Coast North America location for tonight’s test. If you join us tonight from a high-ping location, please include that info when reporting your experience with the match.

  • Drum roll: We’re planning to roll out West Coast servers for North America with our next live patch!

Match Progression/Economy Balance Changes

  • We want to slow down the weapon progression in matches. The current 50 FUNC cost to open a Blue Crate is trivial and has a decent chance of equipping you with a Tier 4 weapon within the first few minutes of the match. Our goal is for each tier of weapon to have its place within the match progression, with Tier 4 melee weapons and guns appearing closer to the finale. We’ve made a few changes to nudge things in that direction

  • Kills now award 50 FUNC (previously 25)

  • Blue Crates now cost 100 FUNC to open (previously 50)

  • Blue Crates no longer have a small chance to spawn a Tier 4 melee weapon or a gun

  • Gold Crates now surround the central arena. These cost 200 FUNC to open and contain guns and Tier 4 melee weapons

  • Airdrop FUNC costs have been rebalanced. Drops containing Tier 3 melee weapons require a minimum of 150 FUNC, Tier 4 melee weapons and guns require a minimum of 250 FUNC

  • Destroying a red barrel awards 5 FUNC

  • Crafted Explosives now require 30 FUNC to craft. Damage has been increased to 35 (from 20) and radius has been increased to 6 meters (from 4 meters) - This increases the time required to open a Red Crate at the start of the match

  • “Loot Pinata” event now spawns one crate instead of two

Combat and Balance

  • All weapon attack animations and timings normalized to match the *** speed weapons (set to Early Access launch values). Weapon speed rating applies only to charge time. The behavior of charge time has been modified to give a linear damage increase across the range of the charge, allowing slow weapons to achieve higher damage values with charged attacks if the player is skilled enough to find the appropriate charge threshold before the opponent can raise their block

  • Being shoved when you are not blocking no longer gives the impression that you’ve been struck for a mini-stun

  • Golden Arm bonus damage now scales with charge percentage (no bonus damage is applied if the throw is not charged at all)

  • Reduced Crafted Blowgun max ammo to 6 (from 9)

  • Reduced Crafted Blowgun sickness duration to 10 seconds (from 15 seconds) and allow a single vomit per sickness (instead of 2)

  • Increased chainsaw damage

  • Adjusted chainsaw attack timing to avoid unresponsive attack input

  • Increased cost of crafted knife to 7 FUNC, reduced crafting cost of spear, hatchet, and cudgel to 0 FUNC

Other Changes

  • Max FPS is unlocked by default

  • All Airdrops are available by default on Test Servers

  • Stun Guns now spawn in Green Crates and no longer spawn in Blue or Red Crates

  • New announcer VO for Med Stations

  • Removed Cheapskate perk

  • Revised scoreboard visuals

  • Bridges now have Airdrop landing pads with shorter flight paths (but more exposed to other players)

  • Fix for a bug with broken snare spawning from Cyclops Airdrop

  • Fix for a bug where invisible player collision would remain after death

  • Polished spear attack animations

  • Fix for bug that allowed players to interact with Airdrop landing pads through barriers

  • Fix for bug where starting with Mantracker or Alarm Gun in practice mode positioned the item incorrectly in the player’s hand

We’ll see you on the island tonight!

Test Server Instructions
Anyone who owns the game should find “The Culling Test” in their Steam Library (you may need to restart your Steam client to see it). Once you’ve installed the test build, you will be able to join us in testing during designated times when the test servers are live. Solo, Teams, and Private Matches are all available.